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A Good Start to the Day #MasturbationMonday

He leaned over my chair, kissing the top of my head, allowing his hand to linger on the back of my neck. His touch was comforting and warm. I closed my eyes to savor the moment.

In a second, the mood changed. The hand on my neck moved to my hair and pulled hard. Tears sprang to my eyes just as liquid heat pooled further down.

Without a word, he pulled me by my hair out of the chair. Leading me around the kitchen table, to the other side, I wondered what he planned but knew I didn’t care what it might be. Excitement tinged with a dose of nervousness made me quivery all over.

Despite the early morning hour, we both knew discovery by small children was a possibility. I barely dared to breathe hard for fear of waking them up. Soundlessly, using my hair as a handle, he pushed me forward over the table. My ass jutted towards him, covered in barely-there shorts.

Tightening his grip, forcing my head back so that I looked at the ceiling, he used his free hand to shove the scrap of cloth to the side. He jammed one finger and then a second deep inside my body.

“Look at my little slut, already so wet for me.” His mouth, so close to my ear, spoke of the dirty things he wanted to do to me, called me dirty names. “Slut. Whore. Mine.” I loved every word.

He yanked my shorts down to my knees, hobbling me. Without lowering his pants, he took his cock out and rubbed it along my slit. His low growls of pleasure sent chills down my spine. He shoved his cock into my body, thrusting for a moment or two. The angle was wrong. The depth was wrong. His next growl was one of annoyance.

No words were spoken as he turned me around and lifted me onto the edge of the kitchen table. I spread my legs wide, silently begging him to fill me again. One hand on my hips, the other on my neck, and he entered me in one smooth move.

I stifled any cries, simply gasping and moaning into his neck and ear. I kissed his cheek, nibbled the tender flesh of his neck, and succumbed to his frantic fucking. He was quiet and measured, but I could feel wildness just beneath his calm demeanor. I moved my body against his, desperate to take more of him, to feel everything.

Several minutes later, he pulled back, calmly tucked his cock back in his pajama pants, and kissed my cheek.

“Good morning, babygirl. It’s time to start our day.”

At that, he headed upstairs to get ready for work, and I collapsed into my chair, a crazy smile plastered to my face.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Yes, that really happened. Yes, it was an excellent start to my day. Okay, now go forth and check out the erotic goodness over at the main page.

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