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Maybe Mother Needs This

Today’s guest post is something a little different. I want to introduce you to Bakerman, an erotic author who loves taboo and the darker side of erotica. Y’all know I believe in the Your Kink Isn’t My Kink thing, but when he mentioned “incest,” I was a little concerned. Then I read his story, and all was well. We’ve got granny sex (as Bakerman calls it) which I’m not opposed to because, hell, I better have sex when I’m old. We’ve got psuedo-incest – they’re related by marriage, y’all (but I thought I should warn you first). And, my personal favorite, we’ve got a twist ending.

Take a look, keep an open mind, hell, get turned on, and maybe find out more about this author who enjoys walking on the edge.


She simply loves this.  Her legs wide open and the heavy feel of her husband’s body on her with his stiff cock so deep inside her vagina.  And the electric-like feeling that moves through her as the hard flesh of his cock rub against the sensitive walls of her pussy.  Her hips move up and down in perfect timing with his humping into her.  His breathing hot and wild in her ear, while she holds tightly onto him.

But then something goes wrong.  She feels the hardness disappearing from her pussy as he rolls off her.

“Sorry, love…I am just too fucking tired.” He says.  He turns around almost instantly and suddenly she is not part of his world anymore.

Vemita turns on her side and pulls the blanket tightly over her.  In the darkness she looks towards the window with frustration filling her body.

Stock is having an affair.  She has been suspecting it for a while now.  He can hardly perform nowadays and he is home only at night.  He’s having an affair.  That’s the reason why he’s hardly home and always tired.

But she will bring an end to his little affair.  She had not been a police detective for twelve years for nothing.  She will investigate her own case and see what she can find out.  And then Stock is going to get what’s coming to him.

Her mind quickly works through the details of the investigation lying in front of her.  She suddenly feels alive again.  This was what she loved about being a detective.  The chase.  Taking the unknown and making it known.  Taking what is hidden in darkness and bring it out into the light for all to see.  In her detective days, many a criminal quickly learned that she will find out the truth in the end, no matter how clever they thought they were.

Stock is going to be no different.

The next day she is out of the house before him.  She told him she was going shopping.  But she waited at the exit of their block on him.  She hired a car, so that he wouldn’t recognise her when she started following him.

At 12:45 his SUV appeared at the stop street.  She followed.  The traffic was tight and she stayed about two or three cars behind him.  It wasn’t difficult, because it wasn’t a long route he took.  They went right to the other side of the suburb to a very familiar area.

The area where she grew up.  She was surprised to see his SUV stop in front of her old family home.

She got out of the car in the next street.  Then she walked through an alleyway that very few people know about and entered the yard from the back.  She climbed up her old ladder on the side and enter the roof through the loose window.  This gave her entry to the loft.  A smile appeared on her face.  How many hours and days did she spent here in her youth, she can still remember it well.

At that time she never thought she would become a detective.  She always thought she was going to be a world famous poetess.  But alas, money and power is more important than sentiment.  Although she was a very good detective, she hated every minute of it.  That is why she was burned out after ten years on the force.  She went another two years and then she had the break-down.  God, that was awful.  That uncontrollable, black and cold feeling all over her.  Seeing things that were not there at all.

Stock gave her all the support she needed.  That is why she can’t understand why he’s two timing her now.

She have her spy holes all over the loft floor.  He enters the house and calls out:

“Janice…Janice…I’m here.”

She can’t believe her ears.

He’s calling her mother.


His calling out to her mother.

Her mother?

“I’m in the room, Stock.” She hears a familiar voice calling out.

She runs to the spy-hole over the room.  Her mother is there.  Stock enters.

And then she becomes cold all over.

Stock and her mother embrace in a very spontaneous, very sexual hug.  There pelvises tightly against each other as they deep kiss passionately.

She have to sit back for a second.  God, her mother is seventy two years old.  Seventy two.

Is Stock cheating her with her own mother?  Suddenly she doesn’t feel so bad anymore.  She will have to see this.  She lies down to see better through the hole.

He sits down on the bed as the old woman kneels down in front of him.  She lovingly unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants, as she looks up at him with a soft smile on her face.  God, his cock is stiff and hard.  From only kissing her seventy two year old mother, but it can’t stay hard inside her pussy?

She watches as her mother starts sucking his penis.  She didn’t even know her mother could do that.

The old woman sucks the huge, shiny pink head into her mouth.  Her cheeks caving in with the effort.  Then she releases it and allows her tongue to move flatly over it.  Vemita can see that this wakes up all kinds of joy in her husband.  His hand wildly moves through her mother’s hair and his hips spontaneously start moving up and down, virtually fucking the old woman in the mouth.  She sees his huge cock making a bulge in the old woman’s cheeks as he moves it in and out of her mouth.

Her husband moans out passionately now as her own mother brings immeasurable joy to his cock.  He picks her up by her shoulders and stands up.  He makes her sit down on the bed.  He lifts her mother’s skirt.  She sees the old woman lift her hips slightly as he pulls the knickers from her.  He throws it down on the bed and then he opens her mother’s legs with his hand.  She sees that the old woman had cut her pubic hair and it is not as bushy as it usually was.

Stock pushes the old woman back on the bed.  She automatically lifts and opens her legs more to make her pussy fully accessible to him.    Her slit is small and thin.  He immediately starts licking his own mother in law’s snatch.

Vemita can see that her mother is enjoying this to a T.  The old woman’s eyes are closed and her breathing is hard, making her chest move up and down with excitement.

Stock keeps his tongue flat and licks from the bottom right up to the top of the slit.  He pushes a finger into the vagina itself and stimulates the old woman until her hips starts moving up and down with pleasure.  Then he vibrates his tongue on her clitoris.  She watches as her mother’s clit stands up out of its sheath, big and sensitive.

“OH STOCK…OH STOCK…LICK MY PUSSY…OH GOOD, MY CHILD…SUCK THERE…SUCK IT…OH YES…OH YES…OH YES…”  The old woman moans out with pure pleasure now, as her hips move wildly against Stock’s mouth to increase the pressure of his mouth on her cunt.

God, Stock never ever did stuff like this with me?  She feels a bit jealous, she can’t deny it, but she also feels better that he is doing it with her mother.  Her mother has no one and really needs this.  It is still in the family and not so bad.

Stock picks the old woman up again.  He takes her skirt off completely now and pushes her against the table which stands against the one wall.  He turns her around so that she stands with her ass against him.  Her mother is only wearing her blouse now, her bottom bare and against Stock’s pelvis.

Oh, god, she hopes he is not going to fuck her mother in her ass.  She won’t be able to watch that.


Vemita watches as Stock hunches down and then push that thick cock of his into her mother’s vagina with his hand. Once it is in the hot hole her mother automatically moves her ass backwards to allow the soft folds of her vagina to lock over the huge cock completely.

And then the both of them starts moving their hips backwards and forwards at great speed and with great force.

God, Mother was enjoying this as much as Stock.

Vemita could see her husband’s bum tightening as it moves the cock deep into her mother’s vagina and then back again. And that old woman was fucking like a young teenager.

“OH STOCK…YOU ARE SO DEEP INSIDE ME…FUCK ME HARDER…HARDER…OH GOD…”  The old woman moaned out with sheer passion in her voice.

Then Stock took his cock out and pushed her mother back onto the bed.  She lay down on her back and he immediately mounts her, pushing his stiff cock back into her waiting pussy with his hand.  And then he starts the age old rhythm of in and out again.  This time he was giving it to her slowly, but very strongly.

“OH MAMMA…OH MAMMA…YOUR PUSSY IS SO HOT…SO TIGHT…I JUST WANT TO STAY INSIDE YOU FOREVER AND EVER…” Vemita hears her husband groans out with a pleasure filled voice as he slowly gives it to her old mother.

“YES…OH YES, MY CHILD…FILL ME UP…FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SEED…I NEED TO FEEL YOUR SEED INSIDE OF ME…FUCK ME HARD…FUCK ME…FUCK ME…” Her mother groans as she moves her hips even stronger up at him.  She now locks her legs over his back as she hold tightly onto him, her nails biting into his back with maniac joy.

She sees Stock’s ass moving faster and faster on her mother, making the old bed creak out with the strong movements they both make.

And then she sees his ass tighten up for the last time as he holds his cock deep inside the seventy two year old vagina.


Her mother screams out as Stock holds his pumping cock deep inside her as she moves her hips furiously up and down at him.

Then they both relax.  It’s over.


When Stock arrives later that afternoon, she is already waiting on him in the lounge.

“I followed you today, Stock.  I know what you did?”

He looks at her with astonishment.

“What?  But why?” he asks, as he sits down on the chair opposite her.

“You are fucking Mother…” She says.  She feels very satisfied as she sees the defeated look on his face.  Is it a defeated look?  At least it isn’t his usual facial expression.  “But before you get all defensive, I want to add, that I have no problem with it.  Mother needs something like that and it’s alright as long as you are the one giving it to her.  She has been a widow for nearly twelve years now.”

“My god, Mita, how do you know all this?” He asks as he leans forwards towards her, looking intensely at her face.

“I followed you this afternoon.  I could easily enter the house and I watched you two from the loft.  You forgot that I was a detective.”

“And you forgot that you had too much stress when you were a detective and got a nervous breakdown.  I think we must go back to Doctor Esau.”

“You want to tell me I’m insane now?” She asks. She’s just stating the facts.  No one will think she’s insane if she stays calm.  She saw what she saw.

“No, Mita, that’s not what I’m saying.  I was with Trevor the whole afternoon.  The two of us come from Reggie’s right now.  If you look out the window you will see that he is sitting in the van waiting on us.  We came to fetch you, because we are having a barbecue over at his place tonight.  He will also confirm that I was with him the whole day since one o’clock.”

“What?” She feels that cold, dark feeling taking hold of her.  “So you say that I didn’t see what I saw?”

“Vemita, we must get you to Doctor Esau as quickly as possible.”

“I’m not insane…no matter what you try, you will never succeed in having me declared incompetent.” She says as the darkness gets colder around her.

“I’m not saying you’re insane.  Mita, please…I love you.  But it’s all in your mind.”

“So what did I see?  I saw you fucking my mother.”

“Vemita, how could you see me fucking your mother.  She has been dead for two years now?”

About the Author

Bakerman started out writing erotic stories while still in high school. This was after reading his first erotic story.

Being an avid reader of thrillers and horror, alla James Hadley Chase, Don Pendleton, Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy, Konsalik, Stephen King, etc…

…he was fascinated by the kind of writing which made erotica possible. Basically a porn movie without pictures, but beautiful and thoughtful and insightful. Not easy to write, but he experimented, until it felt right.

He gave his first effort to his harshest critics – his schoolmates. It was good when he saw smiles appearing on their faces, eyes blinking to make sure they are really seeing what they are seeing, as they read. They didn’t criticize or make any comments, but they wanted more. This was a good sign. With his other stories, they just read a bit and then put it down and never asked for more. But now they wanted more and more and more. And they always wanted to take it home, to go read it there.

“Where it’s quieter.” They would say. But he knew why.

And he felt good.

Yes, he still writes thrillers and horror, but after having written it, he quietly files it away on his computer…

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