A Big Announcement and Reconnecting #podcast

I’m torn. Do I tell you what my big, huge, OMG news is or do I sneakily send you to the podcast page so you can hear it for yourself?

Yeah, right, who am I kidding? I’d never be that spammy and schmarmy (I hope!).

He asked. I said yes. And eventually (no we don’t have a date set) we’re getting married!!!!

SQUEEEEE! Who wants to hold hands and twirl in circles with me?!

AndΒ of course I turned it into a podcast episode.

That sounds awful, doesn’t it? It’s not. We put ourselves through hell before we could get to heaven – or something like that. It wasn’t a surprise, and I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know when. At the same time, we were both thinking of our previous marriages and wondering how this move might change things. Which lead to me going full-on miserable Babygirl (not fun for anyone) and him hiding out in his head – which meant we were disconnected from one another.

A small tantrum, plenty of tears, one long conversation later, and my amazing Daddy Dom went down on bended knee not once, but twice. First to tell me I make him crazy and that’s why he loves me (cue ugly tears, y’all) and next to ask my boys if he could be their stepdad (cue abject sobbing with happiness – and yes, the boys thought he and I were both crazy).

Best. Engagement story. EVER.

So yeah, big news – and if you’re friends with John Brownstone on Facebook you might have already heard. And if you’re not, go be friends with him. He’s a fun guy!

I’m ecstatic and not (yet) planning a wedding, but I am thinking about it.

If you want to find out what lessons we learned in this process – and hear a really geeky reason why I’ll never forget the date of our engagement, go check out this week’s episode. (And no, there’s no transcript. I’m still working on that part!)

From the show:

  • A huge announcement. Big. Major. There is plenty of squealing…or threatening to squeal.
  • Before getting to the good part, we had to go through hell with each other.
  • Tears, lack of communication – and all of it brought on by trying not to communicate, even in an innocent way.
  • When Dominants get stuck in their head and their own negative thoughts or self-doubts, submissives have a responsibility to go get them – respectfully, of course.
  • Being in tune with your partner, which comes through constant communication, helps you recognize when things are off so you can help each other get back on course.
  • Wait until the very end and you’ll find out why we’ll never forget our special day.

Listen to the show:

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