Masturbation Monday

Worth It #MasturbationMonday

How was your weekend?

Mine? Oh well, it looked a little like this…

Aaaaaand this…

I can’t explain where it comes from sometimes. And I don’t really want to. Most of the time, it’s a teasing, playful thing, and sometimes it’s my biting, sarcastic, venomous self – tamed only by the fact that he’s Daddy.

The spanking on Saturday night was painful, but short. I laughed the entire time and whined, “Why don’t you love me?” in response to every blow. He laughed, and I was just cute enough that a few times he had to stop and catch his breath. I’m hysterical sometimes, y’all.

The next night, Sunday, after two days of being a whiny and sassy girl (sometimes whining won out, sometimes sass), he tossed me across the bed and spanked me over and over again.

I tried to laugh and be silly, but he was prepared. With each cheeky comeback, he spanked harder. At the end (when I think his hand simply hurt too much) we were both breathing hard. The pain was cleansing but it also blossomed across my ass, making even the soft sheets touching my skin almost unbearable.

“Do you think you can behave now? Dial back the sass a little?”

The burning in my skin begged me to give one answer. The sticky heat coating my inner thighs gave another.


Yes, I got another smack on the ass for my non-answer, but it was so worth it.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! No, this moment didn’t result in an orgasm. I was so turned on after that spanking but I was also so tired, so coming seemed like too much effort. The wetness between my legs was enough…for now. Okay, y’all, go check out what the other bloggers/writers have for you this week!

Masturbation Monday

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