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A Wet Mess Review for the Keri by Svakom

“I have a new toy, and…”

Why is it so hard to say, “I need to masturbate with this purple sex toy” to John Brownstone? Instead I speak in half sentences and innuendo.

“Go ahead, babygirl. Have fun.”

He’d already charged it up for me, and we’d played once before, but I hadn’t held it, felt the vibrations race up my fingers and through my arm. Frankly, when we’d played last time, it was delicious, but I knew I was missing what this clitoral vibrator could do because the angle was all wrong. This thing is meant to be used by the person with the clit, not on her.

“Here, I have something that might help.”

He held out his tablet. On the screen, one man fucked her from behind while another fucked her throat. A hand came down over her head, stroking her hair. He was gentle with her, until he wasn’t. The other man withdrew and replaced his cock with his fingers.

Naked, legs spread, no towel below me (throwing caution to the wind), I turned it on. The first setting is the just-right one for me. When I pressed it against my body, I released a long sigh I didn’t know I’d been holding in. The thrums and buzzing were gentle. I relaxed into the bed. This could go on all night, just like this.

My gaze was glued to the screen. She looked up at the man with the camera, the man who’s cock was down her throat. I knew that gaze. That wasn’t just desire, it was something more. The heat emanated from the screen. I wanted to be her.

More quickly than the last time we tried it out, my orgasm built to a peak. My held fell back against the pillow, the video forgotten. I backed off, not wanting the first one yet. I ran the vibrator over my slit. It slipped easily over my skin. I was already soaked. Back to my clit, and ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes. My hips lifted. My muscles tightened. My toes curled.

I didn’t move the vibrator away from my clit. Another orgasm. Then another. Then…a gush of warmth between my legs. Now, I was screeching and squeaking. A deep throaty sound penetrated my blissful fog.

John Brownstone was watching me as he stroked his own cock. Oh God, that’s hot. I pressed the vibrator more firmly against my clit. I could no longer tell one orgasm from another, but they weren’t painful. Every nerve-ending tingled. Electricity streaked through my body. As each climax crashed over me, I forgot the video, John Brownstone’s cock, and the wet spot growing underneath me. My world was the constant spasming clit between my legs.

With a quick move, the vibrator between my legs, pressed against my clit, he rolled me onto my side, spooning me from the back, and sank his cock in deep. Each thrust was loud and wet. My pussy clenched his cock as I came over and over again. Each time, he groaned a little more and pushed a little deeper.

Finally the vibrations running up my arm and against my pussy were too much. My body continued to orgasm but the pleasure was gone. I’d finally had a few too many. His thrusts continued on and on, long after I lost my voice from screaming my release, long after I was drained of energy. He fucked me when I was a wet mess, lost in the delirium of pleasure.

About the Keri, a Clitoral Vibrator by Svakom

I’d never heard of Svakom’s clitoral vibrator, and a quick perusal of their site will tell you that this one, the Keri, that I tried (in exchange for an honest review) is not the only one they have. This particular vibrator comes in two colors: pink and purple.

It’s very slim, fits easily in my hand, and is extremely lightweight. I’m used to big bulky vibrators or even smaller vibes that are thicker. This toy has one purpose and one purpose only – stimulate the clit. Since those are my favorite ways to orgasm, this toy was right up my alley.

Any downsides? Well, I don’t know if this is normal for vibrators or if I just play with them waaaay too long, but after a while, the vibrations leave my hands feeling tingly in an unpleasant way. Of course, I only noticed it once my body could no longer feel any pleasure from my orgasms. And that took a while. I lost count so I don’t know how many orgasms it takes.

It’s quiet, though, so no one outside your bedroom will have a clue you’re playing with it – until you start screaming like I did.

This has five settings for pulses and intensity level. When you turn it on, it defaults to a semi-strong vibration (not the strongest, but not the weakest) which was perfect for me. The lowest setting doesn’t feel like anything, and I’m too impatient to hold out for pulsing.

Do I think others would enjoy Keri? I think so. For us, the best way to play with it together is mutual masturbation or to hold it to my clit while he’s fucking me – which was very nice. But when he holds it against my body, while he’s standing over me, it doesn’t feel as good. Like I said before, the angle is wrong.

Want to know more? Check out the Svakom website.

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