Masturbation Monday

Because You’ve Been a Good Girl #MasturbationMonday

The night before, as he’d fingered me until the squelching, wet sounds were audible, as he slipped his cock deep inside my body, as he dug his fingers into my hips with one hand and wrapped my hair around the other, I thought, “Huh, I didn’t come.”

It was a fleeting thought. One born of trust that maybe not tonight but some other time. And, frankly, by the time the thought registered, it was gone just as fast. I was lost in a sea of sensations. Waves of blinding pain as his hand connected with my flank. Eddies of pleasure as skin slid across skin.

The next night, we tried out a new toy. The toy was good. The toy did it’s job. (The toy will get it’s own post, soon.) The orgasms, though, were blinding.

Even as my body was finding its center after a particularly mind-numbing orgasm, he pulled my body to the edge of the bed. With chivalrous care, he knelt between my thighs, gazing down on pink skin, shiny with the evidence of my pleasure.

“Because you were such a good girl last night, I think you deserve a treat.”

“A tre–?” I tried to ask. I really did. But the tip of his tongue erased the words from my own tongue.

Soft and gentle strokes against my clit sent me soaring into a mindless bliss. My body shuddered and jerked. Juices poured from my body. He gulped greedily, chuckling to himself with every release he created.

Two fingers slid deep into my body. His lips closed gently over my clit. Come here, they beckoned, in tandem. Come here, come here, come here.

And I did. Over and over again. My thighs clamped around his head, forcing him closer, blocking out all sound. Fingernails clawed into the sheets as screams were choked down.

When he pulled back with a satisfying smack of his lips, my body released the last of its tension and melted into the bed.

“Yes, a treat, babygirl. Since you didn’t come at all last night, it was your turn.”

I mumbled something in his direction. A thank you. An acknowledgement. I don’t know what. But I do know I love being his good girl.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I do love a good treat, and that was an especially good one. Okay, you know what to do, lovely smut-readers. Go forth and find more yummy goodness to make your mouth (and other parts) water today.

Masturbation Monday

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