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Have Sex Toys Will Travel #review @HouseofPlume • A Sexual Being

Have Sex Toys Will Travel #review @HouseofPlume

Right after Christmas, John Brownstone and I piled everyone in the car, drove 10 hours, and spent six days with my mom and stepdad doing very vanilla, very heart-warming family things. Well, okay, no one talked about politics causing entire head to turn red from high blood pressure – which I’m going to call a success.

Over the years, we’ve learned how to find a way to be kinky fuckers – sort of – right under my family’s nose. It helps that they have a small “cottage” on their property that we (Daddy and I) can stay in when we visit while the kids stay in the “big house.” I’m sure they think we’re having a lot more sex than we are because we agree so enthusiastically to stay there – but, of course, they have no idea how kinky it is. Ha!

Normally, we travel very light, no sex toys at all. The thought of having a six year old ask, “What is that” while staring at a crop or flogger makes my stomach hurt, so we rarely pack any toys, even the small ones.

Until…the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe.

Moi Box Deluxe

I know, this is the part where you’re waiting for me to tell you a delightfully kinky story about the hot sex we had on a 30 year old bed in quiet “cottage” set apart from everyone.

And we did. Midnight hair pulls and thrusting cock in squelching wet pussy…yep, there was definitely that.

Running around naked (with blinds closed) while wiggling my ass and squealing when he managed to pinch me as I passed by. Yep, that too.

But, as the organizer in our family, can I just tell you how nice this box is? The one pictured on the website is purple, and had I known I had a choice, you know that’s the one I would have gotten, lol.

Have (Sex) Toys Will Travel

Let me be real here. I’m not fitting a crop, flogger, or even my Magic Wand in this box. Just not happening. The fact that we don’t bring those things on trips (with the kids) is a personal choice, and this box will not help with that. But for the smaller toys? This has definitely potential.

It’s discreet. Hell, it’s still sitting on my nightstand, all these weeks later, with some of our smaller – and easily forgotten toys at easy reach.

It fit into the corner of our suitcase with zero problems.

It has a freaking lock, y’all! Okay, so if we’d read the instructions clearly before trying to play with the lock, we wouldn’t have had any issues – so do that, if you get one, lol. We fought with the thing for 10 minutes before checking the instructions.

It doesn’t look like there’s anything in it but jewelry. I’m kind of glad my mom didn’t see it because she would have asked to see what jewelry I brought with me. Awkward.

But in a hotel room, with a lock, your ben wa balls, lube, mini vibes, glass dildos, and other smaller toys (oh and don’t forget the nipple clamps, lol) are safe from view. So you can be a kinky fucker without freaking out the housekeeping or room service staff – or stressing yourself out with trying to hide your stash when you leave your room.

Will it be coming with us on our roadtrips? Oh yeah.

Are we using it even when we’re not traveling? Uh huh.

It looks nice. It goes well with our decor. It feels sturdy. And best of all, it aids in kinky fuckery while keeping my OCD, Type A self very organized. I’m calling that a win-win.

I received the Moi Box Deluxe by House of Plume in exchange for an honest review.

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