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Nice While It Lasted #MasturbationMonday

“You can’t make me, Mama!” screamed the cherub-faced little demon at her ankles.

“Mom, I can’t believe you didn’t know that Transformers are better than Power Rangers!” came the huffy, know-it-all disdain from her oldest.

Covered in spit, snot, and other assorted kid-related matter, she hadn’t felt feminine in a few days. Old cut-offs, hair in a bun, and unsure of the last time she showered, she just wanted a moment’s peace.

An idea popped into her head. Could she do that? Oh Lord, what would anyone say if they knew? Who the hell would find out? It’s not like she’d talk about it later.

“Ok, boys, I’m going upstairs to take a shower. Watch TV until I come back down!” She ran up the stairs without a look back or waiting for their response. They paid no attention to her exit, engrossed in their cartoons, a temporary truce from their constant bickering.

As she walked into the bathroom, she began stripping off her grimy clothes before remembering to close the door. Privacy was unheard of in her house, but she should at least attempt to keep them out.

Turning on the water, she sighed as steam slowly began to billow. Not one to usually like a hot shower, she wanted to be steamy and sweaty for this. She needed it.

She stepped into the water and simply stood under the water for a few moments. She sighed in pleasure. Her skin turned pink and hot to the touch. She began to run her hands along her wet skin. First her neck, attempting to rub away some of the tension that had taken up permanent residence. Her fingers skimmed her collarbones and shoulders, feeling the bones beneath her skin. One hand stroked her breast, reveling in the round underside, feeling the weight of it in her hand.

Her fingers tweaked her nipple. She bit her lower lip at the sensation. Again, but harder this time. She gasped at the sharp tingle. Her other hand skimmed her stomach, stroking the soft, rounded flesh. The hand on her breast continued to knead and stroke the supple flesh.

As her hand traveled further, she caressed her bare mound, smiling a bit at her daring of going completely bare. Alone more often than not, once she realized how wonderful it was to have a smooth, hairless pussy, she kept up her monthly waxes for herself more than anything. It was her secret from the world, regardless of how tired, stressed, or frazzled she appeared the rest of the time.

Her pussy throbbed in response to her touch. While her fingers stroke her lips, she pinched her nipple and let out another gasp. One finger slid into her slit, sinking into the wetness. She smiled to herself. This reminded her of her own femininity more than anything else.

Knowing she didn’t have much time before the boys tried to kill one another and demand a kiss from her to make it all better, she quickly found her clit. Pressing her finger into the swollen nub, she began to circle it. Her free hand pressed into the shower wall as soon as the waves of pleasure began to hit her. Circling around her clit unceasing, her body began to quiver. Her breathing was shallow and halting. She could feel the orgasm building in her core.

Her finger practically flew around her clit. She closed her eyes and shuddered as her release slammed into her. She felt cum trickle down her thigh, mixing with the hot water. She shook her head to clear it, still panting. Oh God, that felt good.

I wonder if I have time to shave my legs, she wondered.

“MOM!!! He won’t leave me alone, and I told him to leave me alone or I was going to tell!!!” She heard a stampede coming up the stairs. Her moment of peace broken by brotherly angst.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, she thought.

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