#Podcast: How to Handle Communication Problems with Your Dominant

Another week, another episode of Loving BDSM. Woohoo! This week was supposed to be a joint episode with John Brownstone, but he’s sick. I hate it for him that he’s sick, and I hate it for me (for several reasons).

This week, I spent a few minutes addressing very common questions that I receive from submissives. Most of them center around a communication problem with their Dominant and close with “Is this okay?” or “Is this normal?”

I wish the answer was clear-cut and simple, but it never is. Most likely, you already know the answer before you send the first email or ask the first question. That being said, nothing is black and white, and every situation will be different. In this episode, I attempt to give you some advice on how to decide for yourself whether the communication problems are the fault of your Dominant, a lack of communication on your part, or a compatibility issue that needs to be addressed.

On a side note, it was (rightly) brought to my attention that some of you might want to know what’s happening in each episode but not be able to listen – for a variety of reasons. I’m working on dealing with the issue of transcriptions for each episode so that the readers among you will know what’s going on, too. Once I figure out the simplest way to house 1800+ words per episode, I’ll get them up as well. And thank you to the person who said something. XOXO!

From this week’s show:

  • When in doubt, listen to your intuition.
  • Remember, there are three sides to every situation: yours, theirs, and the truth which usually falls in the middle.
  • Questions to ask yourself when your Dominant doesn’t respond to you: Are they stressed, sick, or are there miles between you?
  • Are you simply being impatient or ignoring what your Dominant has said about when and how they’ll communicate?
  • Pro Tip: Never assume your Dominant can read your mind. No one can. You have to communicate.
  • When in doubt, talk it out.
  • Always feel free to contact Kayla (or John Brownstone) with questions. We will answer you.

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