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I hesitate to send this out today. Typically Friday is my day to tease the most recent Loving BDSM podcast episode. I give a bit of insight into things, tell you what I think, and then send you on your way. This week, I feel weird doing it.

Not because I’m not proud of our episode. I am!

Not because it’s not a good one – only you can decide that.

But because it wasn’t recorded to be helpful, useful, or educational for anyone. In reality, this week, we had a bit of a chat (as my UK friends might say) with anyone who decides to listen.

To be honest, we originally had three really good ideas but not enough mental bandwidth to make them happen.

So if you’re an audio voyeur and want to hear a kinky couple ramble about a book we read, some life we experienced, and our views on…stuff, go for it. But if not, no worries. We’ll be back next week with a “real” episode.

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