Gagged and Spanked #SpankA2Z

Bit gags via I have the purple one!

I knew he had something up his sleeve. He’d made a passing comment about how we both could use a good spanking (meaning he gives and I receive). I didn’t disagree.

I’ve been fairly relaxed lately, but he hasn’t. In fact, sleeping through the night has been a luxury for him. And my focus has been on his needs, which isn’t a bad thing, but my headspace has been less babygirl and more strong-willed-taking-care-of-her-man-submissive.

We both needed this.

I could hear him rummaging around in our closet. All our toys are still packed away, as we haven’t figured out a good system that both organizes and hides them in our new house. Figuring that he wanted to “surprise” me, I stayed away.

A few minutes later, he walked out of the bedroom, humming. He’s definitely up to something.

“Can I go in or should I stay away?” My curiosity compelled me to ask, although previous experience told me he was way too relaxed for a simple session with a flogger. What did this man have planned?

“Oh, no, babygirl. Go on in and get ready for bed.”

Walking in, I saw everything.

The bit gag. The paddle, dragon’s tail, wooden spoon, and ping pong paddle. Oh lord, he was planning a long drawn out session. Yay!

I readied our room for bed and knelt on the floor. A few light smacks to each cheek, followed by long sensuous strokes of his fingers along my spine. Mmmmm, it felt so good.

He picked up the dragon’s tail and began tapping on my ass. Each blow landed differently. When it smacked flatly, it was a nice sting. When it landed on an edge, it was painful, almost as if it might cut me. He changed up the pattern until I had no idea what might land next. Finally, I cried real tears and tucked my bottom close to my feet. Please, no more.

His fingers snaked through my hair, covering my scalp, holding me still and soothing me. He closed his fingers into a fist and pulled me up and over the side of the bed by my hair. I squeaked and whimpered. The pain felt so good. The control felt even better.

First, the bit gag. I quivered in anticipation. The gags only come out when he plans on making me scream. It puts me in a different place. My cries are muffled. My mouth stretched. I feel more animalistic with it in, which means any number of sounds will come out, and I may go a bit wild. I’m pretty sure he counts on that.

He started with his hands. Mmmmm, I adore a bare-handed spanking. My ass was already warm from the earlier blows. Even as each smack landed a little harder, I was soothed by the contact.

Next came the paddle. The mean rubber paddle that hurts so bad unless he is extremely light-handed (which almost never happens).

I cried out in pain and clutched the sheets, determined to take what he dished out, but hating that particular kind of pain. The sting outweighs the thud.

Each time he finished with one item, he punched my ass and back, making me melt into the bed. The sensation is similar to that of a deep tissue massage. It hurts but in the best way possible. Every time he punched, I could take more with the next toy.

The ping pong paddle felt so good, distributing the pain across a wider area. Until he honed in one spot or another. Then I writhed on the bed, crying out around the gag, drool dribbling out of the corners of my mouth.

The wooden spoon hurt but it also left behind a smooth, cool sensation.

Adrenaline and endorphins surged through my body. A familiar trembling began in my stomach and moved outwards. The pain no longer registered the same way. The impact, regardless of what toy or the intensity, was delicious and soothing.

When I shake like a leaf, it disturbs him and he almost always stops immediately. Tonight was no different. With extreme effort I pulled myself fully onto the bed. He wrapped his body around mine and simply held me until the shaking stopped.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, like I’d just run at top speed. My eyes wouldn’t open. Speech was impossible. I told myself to simply breathe. I gulped in air. The shaking stopped but I couldn’t catch my breath. He held me tighter.

It took a while, but my body came back to normal, and my ability to speak returned.

“Do you feel better now, Daddy?” I mumbled into his chest.

“I think I do, babygirl.” He caressed my face and hair, holding me tight.

“Good. Me, too.”

It was possibly the first night of decent sleep for either of us in several days. The lesson here is clear: we need more spankings in our life.

G is for gags, y’all. The gag used to be a hard limit for me. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breathe, and I hate not being able to move my mouth the way I want. We tried a bit gag, the one we used during this particular moment, and I fell in love with it. I can still breathe, and there’s less drool than with a ball gag. I have a ball gag and that one only comes out when he knows I won’t be able to control the sounds I make. Okay, so if you want to see what other people are writing about for the Spanking A to Z challenge, click the image below!

Gagged and Spanked

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