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I Knew What He Needed #MasturbationMonday #spanking

He’d been a grumpy polar bear all day. Nothing could make him happy.

We’d spoken on the phone during his lunch break, and he was annoyed that his jackass boss had left him crap work. I pointed out that at least the jackass wasn’t in the office. Daddy grunted at me and said, “Yeah, but…” followed by a lengthy diatribe on why that didn’t matter.

I laughed at him.

“Are you laughing at me, babygirl?” His voice didn’t carry a hint of humor. I didn’t care (much).

“Yes, Daddy, I am. You’re pissed because the boss you dislike the most isn’t there and you’ve been tasked to fix his fuck-ups. Right?”

“Yes.” His tone made it clear I better be going somewhere with this.

“But you hate having him around because he makes the workday harder than it has to be. Right?” At his grunt of agreement, I continued. “So basically, you can’t be satisfied. You’re pissed that he’s not there but you’d be pissed if he was. I think you’re a just a grumpy polar bear today.”

Finally, finally, I got him to concede that he was being a bit unreasonable. For a few seconds, he managed to laugh – at me and my silly antics and at himself.

By the time he came home, the silly moments from earlier were gone and forgotten. I could read the exhaustion, disgust with work, and stress all over him. While the boys were distracted by video games, I quietly took Daddy by the hand and led him upstairs. He followed me without question.

Once we were behind closed doors, I turned and pressed my body against his. My breasts flattened against his chest, my hands stroked his face, neck, anywhere I could reach. My pelvis pushed against his.

“I know what you need, Daddy.”

His tired eyes lit up a little. “You do?”

“Mm-hmm.” I let my fingers stroke his nipples through his shirt, tweaking them with light pinches. I leaned in and kissed and nibbled his neck, letting my teeth graze against his skin. I did everything I could think to build his desire knowing that the moment he thought he might lose control, that would be the very moment he’d take it back.

I teased and tormented him for only a few seconds longer before he turned the tables.

“I know what I need, too, girl.”

He turned me around in his arms, forcing me to bend over. He yanked up the hem of my shorts exposing one side of my ass.


Each time his hand came down, he ratcheted up the intensity. I was dancing on my toes by the last one. Without a word, he pulled up the other side of my shorts and repeated the process. Harder this time.

My knees were jelly. He held me against his chest with an iron grip. His hand snaked into my shorts and ruthlessly plunged into my wet slit.

“Oh, I see what kind of pain slut you are. A few smacks on the ass and you’re fucking soaked for me.” His growls only turned me on more.

With a few brutal strokes against my clit, he brought to me to the edge. I began to beg for release, panting and crying, unsure I could withstand the assault on my sensitive body.

He leaned in. I could feel his breath against my ear.


I whimpered and he released me. I turned to look at him, both of us breathing hard, his eyes glittering with intensity and lust. He emanated Dominance.

We took a second to collect ourselves before going back downstairs.

“How do you feel now, Daddy?” I couldn’t help myself; I giggled.

He growled. “Better, babygirl.”

“Good. I knew you needed something. Figured you’d figure out exactly what.”

I giggled and sauntered downstairs knowing I was baiting the beast, hoping there’d be hell to pay later that night.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Not every encounter ends in an orgasm (unfortunately!). It’s just the build up for what comes (I said “come”) later. Make sure to check out the main Masturbation Monday page and see if anyone else is having as much fun as I am!

Masturbation Monday

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