FemDoms, Fetishes, and a Night Out #SpankA2Z

FemDoms, Fetishes, and a Night Out
FemDoms, Fetishes, and a Night Out

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Don’t get your hopes up, y’all. The FemDoms in question weren’t getting kinky for or with me. (Unfortunately!)

The other night I had the good fortune of hanging out with some of my favorite kinksters. Master M, you know, that Master M, organizes different things (munches, workshops, and other social events) so that she can get to know newbies in the lifestyle and vet them for her club. No one gets into her club without her or a trusted confidant’s approval. (John Brownstone and I are allowed to let someone in – she trusts our judgement that much. Wow, right?)

Her new thing is a gathering on the first Thursday of each month for dinner or dessert at whatever cheap place will let a large group hold up a table or five for a few hours. In an effort to get me out of the house and make me less of a hermit (yes, I’m blinded by the bright yellow ball of fire in the sky whenever I leave our house), I was sent. By myself. No Daddy means less fun, but no kids is ALWAYS a blast.

Because I get along with Master M so well, I wasn’t worried. When I RSVP’ed, I actually looked forward to it. Then I forgot about it, because, well, life. Daddy sent me an email during the day (yes, we email back and forth while he’s at work) and reminded me.

My response?


I wanted to go but I was tired, overwhelmed, and really just wanted to curl up with a book, a game on my phone, and some ice cream. But I’m a good girl so off I went.

I was greeted by the warmest, nicest hug when I arrived. I might have melted just a little bit. And then, I was wrapped right into the conversation like I’d been there the whole time. Basically, we were a big table of even bigger smartasses. It was great.

The conversation ranged from home remodels to cock pictures being flashed around. Master M is a cheeky woman and after an outrageous comment I made, she felt compelled to wave a few more erotic images around. It was fun!

So back to FemDoms and fetishes…

FemDoms are fun…when they aren’t targeting your bad behavior for correction. I find I’m very flirtatious with Master M and even Mistress B but it’s an easy thing. No pressure. I’ll still show respect, of course, but I let the snark and sass out, too. They seem to like it.

I was also reminded of why I’m better suited to being a babygirl for a loving Daddy. Shit got serious for a couple of people who weren’t on their best behavior. First of all, I strive to be a good girl when I’m with other kinksters because what I do and how I behave is a reflection of Daddy. But I’m also not going to get into major trouble for minor things, either, even when he is with me. (At least I don’t think I will.)

And apparently, a common fetish among the Dominants I know (so of course, this doesn’t apply to every single Dominant) appears to be boots. Daddy loves them. He’ll check out the ugliest creature on the planet and growl in appreciation. I’m confused until I look down. Every time, she’s wearing boots.

Master M, as well as a few others at the table, all did a very similar growl of appreciation when someone showed off their new boots for us. The growl, even though it wasn’t directed at me and didn’t come from Daddy, turned me on a little bit. So maybe growling is a fetish of mine? Hmmmm, have to think about that one.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. I wasn’t sure if I’d stay the entire time, and I left 30 minutes after the whole thing officially ended. My throat hurt from all the talking (as a hermit, I don’t speak out loud very often. Guess I just wasn’t used to it, lol).

We laughed. We joked. I found out one couple actually knows I’m a writer and has read and plans to read my books. I giggled and blushed and was shocked. Completely shocked. I also learned that my sexy stuff gets her hot and bothered, which they both appreciate. Knowing that is worth more than all the accolades in the world, y’all.

F is for FemDoms and fetishes. Nothing hot, sexy, or even all that informative here, but it was a fun evening, and I’m looking forward to more of them.

FemDoms, Fetishes, and a Night Out

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