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Tidal Wave #WickedWednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is something near and dear to my heart – what I think of when the word wet appears. I love that on my birthday (the big 3-4, ya’ll), I get to write about one of my favorite things. Happy birthday to me!

When I first began this blog more than a year ago, I planned on chronicling my journey of sexual self-discovery and learning to (finally) masturbate. I realized that my “inability” to orgasm was not some deficiency, but a lack of understanding about my own body. I am a squirter. Most of my orgasms include a rush of fluid. The sensation prior to a wet gush is similar to the need to pee. I spent years stopping my own orgasms terrified I would urinate on my lover.

Now, I know differently. I have learned that I am among a supposedly small minority of women who squirt. Over time, I’ve also learned that I won’t gush each time I orgasm. In the beginning, I wondered if something was wrong with me when I didn’t have wet orgasms. I learned, through trial and error, that I’m capable of many types of orgasms – thick and creamy oozings, dribbles and drips, and of course, tidal waves.

Lately, I’ve had body-clenching, toe-curling orgasms but no rush of juices that always makes me smile with pride and pleasure. I have silently screamed into dark rooms while my flesh trembled and my thighs clamped together. But still, no puddle to sleep in or immediate need to change my sheets.

And then he came back – after eight weeks apart. A few touches of his hand, a few lashes of his crop, a few moments blind-folded, gagged, and helpless, and I felt the orgasms wrack my body. The slightest touch caused gushing and squirting. He finger-fucked me until my body exploded and what can only be described as a tidal wave erupted from my spasming pussy. A faucet had been opened, and juices poured from my body until I was light-headed and groggy, dehydrated. He pounded my body with his hand and droplets of my own ejaculate splashed my torso. He whipped my clitoris with his crop, and the resulting spray landed on my face and in my hair.

Gushy, squirty, splashy, wet orgasms are, by far, my favorite.

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