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Sex Toy Review: Bone Crushing Pleasure

I’d been watching John Brownstone play with his Pocket Pulse and slurping on his hardening cock. It was good, but we were here for something else.

“Okay, have fun!”

I said it as if I was leaving for the day instead of moving over six inches to my side of the bed and grabbing my own sex toy, the Silhouette S12 by CalExotic (received from in exchange for an honest review).

Come towel? Check.

Fully charged vibrator? Check.

Let’s do this.

I turned it on and jumped. The noise of the two vibrators in tandem was obnoxiously loud.

Another toy with a bulbous head, likely meant for g-spot stimulation. I tried. I really did. But inserted, I felt nothing.

With the tip of the head on my clit, it was painful.

Like a kinky Goldilocks, I turned the vibrator so that the back side of the head pressed flat against my clit. Better. Buuuuut…

God damn, it’s fucking loud in here!

The noise of both toys was a distraction. I wasn’t feeling anything amazing yet. And I wondered if I would.

I don’t just give up on a vibrator though, not when orgasms hang in the balance. So I started hitting the button. The first two settings were the constant familiar buzz. And they weren’t doing anything for me. The third was a high-pitched whine of a vibration, and it fucking hurt. No thanks.

One more try.

The fourth setting began the patterns, and it’s here I found pleasure. For the first time in my orgasm-having, vibrating-using life, the patterns moved me.

The pleasure built from the soles of my feet, burned a streak through my legs, and imploded in my cunt. No squishy, squirty orgasms that explode out and open my body. These were bone-crushing, spasm-inducing, curl-your-toes-and-your-spine orgasms.

Closing my thighs around the toy only made it worse/better. My legs shook, and I think I screamed, I’m not sure. My hand opened and closed in a desperate grab for…something.

Each climax rattled my teeth and my spine.

In the distant background I realized John Brownstone’s toy had shut off. It didn’t matter, because another orgasm slammed into me.

He grabbed my arm and leg and shifted my body onto my side, pulling my backside against his groin, pressing my head forward to force an arch in my back. I knew he wanted to fuck but I wasn’t ready to give up the Silhouette just yet so I kept it pressed to my vulva.

He almost couldn’t put his cock in my cunt, my muscles were clenched that tight. Once he did, I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding. It was now that I realized the head of the vibrator was flexible. As I moved my hand to get a better angle against my clit, I felt the give. Oh thank fucking God. I was too greedy to give it up on this pleasure so he would have to share me, so to speak.

Every time another orgasm hit, he stopped thrusting as my entire body squeezed. Finally I couldn’t take another orgasm. My entire body was sore. I tossed the Silhouette to the side and reveled in the feeling of a quick, rough fuck.

Silhouette Review

Silhouette reviewFrom the moment I saw the Silhouette S12, I wanted to love it. It’s purple, vibrates, and calls itself a body massager, of course I wanted to like it. When my early tries with it weren’t working, I got worried. Please don’t make me dislike a purple toy. 

Finding the sweet spot – in terms of vibration and placement – turned it into a completely different experience. I felt like I’d had a workout when we were done. I’m not sure I’d choose these full-body orgasms over my typical, and easy, squirting orgasms. But they were still good. So good that when I asked John Brownstone why he interrupted his own wank, he said, “Because you were screaming so loud.”

That has to be a good sign.

Here’s what I know:

  • The Silhouette S12 is silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof.
  • It’s got a magnetic connection for the cord which actually sticks and stays in place when you set it down. I’ve had too many magnetic rechargeable cords flip flop and not charge the toy like they should.
  • The design is ergonomic and very pretty to look at.
  • The head is flexible without compromising the vibrations.
  • It’s got 10 settings, but I like the last 7 patterned options best.
  • Inserting it did absolutely nothing, and letting the tip rest against my clit was too much. Turning it a bit was just right — once it was on the right setting.
  • I could definitely feel the vibrations in my hand as I held it (a pet peeve) but after the first orgasm, I didn’t care anymore.
  • It’s not all that loud on its own, but when paired with another buzzing toy, it was obnoxious.
  • Clitoral stimulation? Check. Strong vibrations? Check.

Like every other vibrator, it’s a matter of finding the right technique, spot, and setting. In my experience, if a vibrator doesn’t make me squirt once, it usually won’t on another try. It’s something about the vibrations, I think. But for all that I was worn out at the end, it felt really good.

If you’re curious and like clitoral stimulation, check it out:

Silhouette S12 from

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