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Sex Toy Review: Power in the Pocket

pocket pulse review

Full disclosure: We love Hot Octopuss so much that we joined their affiliate program in late 2017. If you decide to buy this or any other product from their website and use our link, we make a commission and keep our coffee addiction alive and well.

“I have an idea for how we can celebrate Valentine’s Day!”

Feeling both shy and emboldened, I blushed and waited.

“Ok, babygirl, let me hear it.”

“We should play with our sex toys and masturbate together!”

For all my written bravado, certain things just sound strange when I say them out loud. Thankfully, he agreed. He’d already played with his new Pocket Pulse from Hot Octopuss (received in exchange for an honest review), but I hadn’t been there.

There was much whining in the land when I realized he’d played without me. Not because he can’t or shouldn’t, but how can I write a sexy story if I’m not there to participate?! (#SexBloggerProblems)

Valentine’s night…

The Pocket Pulse is similar to the Pulse III Duo in that he didn’t have to be hard to start using it. Lying back on the bed, he placed his shaft inside so it was comfortable for him. He then stretched his cock like putty (as a mother of boys, I know they do this from the moment they first grab it). We had a giggle.


“Pew! Pew! Pew-pew-pew!” A 56 year old child made shooting noises with his cock while holding it in his sex toy.

And I laughed my ass off.

He turned it on, and I jumped at the buzzing. It’s louder than you’d think for such a small toy. He was content to keep it on the low setting and let his pleasure build. I was not.

“Can I use the remote?”

We lay side by side, naked, sex toys at the ready, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off his cock. I wanted to watch it grow and I wanted to hear his pleasure. He handed me the remote.

I do not know the woman who cackled gleefully and pointed the remote at his dick while thinking her own “Pew, pew, pew!” noises. She’s a sadistic thing who turned the Pocket Pulse up as high as it would go just to see him jump and hear him gasp. Nope, don’t know that chick at all.

As his shaft lengthened and swelled, I gave him my full attention.

How can I make him moan?

I leaned forward and licked his glans. He almost dropped the toy in shock. So I did it again. And again. Much like a lollipop. Knowing it was only a tease, I pulled back and smirked in his direction. He yanked my head down with a gruff, “Don’t stop.”

And I didn’t…until I was ready to play with my own vibrator. (To be continued.)

Pocket Pulse Review

Tpocket pulse from hot octopusshere are very few companies that I love so much that when they say, “We have a new product!” I beg to try it. Hot Octopuss is one of those companies. Of course, I’m always on the lookout for new sex toys for John Brownstone, too.

He’d tried it before this specific moment, gotten himself off, and enjoyed it. But when I’d asked for details I got non-writer responses like, “It was good.” and “Yeah, I really liked it.” So of course we had to play together!

How that moment ended for him (and us) will be told in a separate post when I discuss my own vibrator experience.

He loved the Pocket Pulse, and it’s sitting in his nightstand drawer right now which is our ultimate praise for any sex toy.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • Lube makes it better.
  • You can let it sit in one place or move it up and down like a typical stroker. He did both.
  • It’s louder than the full-size Pulse III Duo. Our guess is the plastic casing probably contributes to that.
  • The Pocket Pulse fits in the palm of your hand.
  • It’s fully waterproof, and apparently John Brownstone likes to take his toys into the shower. (I had no idea!)
  • The remote control is easy to use and lets you both have fun with it.
  • You can begin with an erect or flaccid penis, either way is fine.
  • Like other toys from Hot Octopuss, this uses oscillation or tapping instead of typical vibrations and you can feel the difference (according to the man with the penis).

Interested? Go check out the Pocket Pulse for yourself (and everything else from Hot Octopuss!) 

Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss

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