A Firm Hand and Lessons

[Updated: July 22, 2015 – A new development has occurred with this story (a good one!) so all I can share right now is an excerpt. As soon as I have more, I’ll let you know!]

Well, the writing bug hit and a few extra minutes of time opened up all at the same time. Oleander Plume – an amazing writer, if you haven’t read her blog yet – is running a writing prompt contest, and I thought I missed it. Then, like magic, she extended the deadline. Woohoo! Out of her list of 18 prompts, I chose “Oops, I sexted my boss.” It feels good to stretch the smutty writing muscles again.

Mmmm, I want to feel your cock deep inside my wet pussy.

I pushed send, and then remembered to check who I was sending the message to. Fuck!

Instead of Bryce the hottie from the coffee shop I met a few weeks ago, the text went to Bryan, my new boss. My cute boss. My boss who thinks I slack off at work because he never sees me busy. Damn it. I knew putting his number in my phone was a mistake – even if I was planning on calling out sick tomorrow.

“Fuck.” Sweetie, my diabetic and very fat cat, looked at me with typical feline indifference. “Sweetie, you don’t understand. I think I just sexually harassed my fine-ass boss!”

I am so sorry! That wasn’t meant for you!

I considered adding a “Please don’t fire me!” at the end, but I hoped Bryan was cool enough to let it go.

My phone buzzed in hand. I was almost too scared to look down. Maybe it was better not to know his response than to know. Yeah, that would work. I’d pretend his reply didn’t matter. If I didn’t know what it said, I couldn’t answer right away. If I couldn’t answer right away, it would seem to him that I was fine with what happened.

Wait? That wouldn’t work. What if his response was to go off on me and demand answers? If I looked like I didn’t care, he’d think I wasn’t taking this seriously.

“Damn it!” Sweetie cracked one eye open in my direction. “I know, I know. I’m over-thinking this. Fine. I’ll read it.”

That’s too bad.

I swear I stopped breathing for a minute. When I finally took in a gulp of air, I realized my heart was racing.

“What in the hell does that mean?!” I held the phone up to Sweetie – like she could read it or something.

Did I take it at face value? Was Bryan flirting with me? A girl could dream. That man was F-I-N-E fine. Blue eyes, strong jaw, sexy scruff, and a set of abs I wanted to lick and bite and…and…UNF.

My mind started spinning. But what if he was really being the big mean boss and saying, “That’s too bad, young lady, you’re in a world of trouble.” A little part of me was turned on by that but that was just me being my pervy self. He wouldn’t mean it that way. Or would he? Damn it, girl, get your mind out of the gutter!

What to do, what to do?

“Fuck, Sweetie. I’m gonna just brazen this one out.” A soft snore was my only reply.

Oh yeah. Why is that?

I put the phone down. Picked it back up. Put it down. Bit the corner of my thumb. How long should I wait for a response?


I could feel my face getting hot. I didn’t know what he said, but I knew what I wanted him to say.

I wouldn’t mind feeling that tight cunt of yours pulsing around my cock.

More coming soon….promise!


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