Masturbation Monday

On Fire #MasturbationMonday

An intense play session at the club. Multiple hands on my body. Witnessing other people’s pleasure and pain. It was an unbelievable evening. (Yes, I will write about it…eventually. Promise!)

The result? Other than bruises that formed within hours, endorphins that coursed through my body, and an inability to stand without help?

My body was on fire.

We played hard and came home to crash. I knew John Brownstone was fired up. While I was loopy on the drugs created by my own brain and body, he was amped up and filled with energy. Just because we went to bed didn’t mean he was ready for sleep.

One stroke of my clit, and I burned. Writhing under his touch, I keened and wailed, already begging for release. Desperate for it.

He simply chuckled and continued.

Eyes squeezed shut. Toes curled. Fingers clenched around sheets, pillows, bed frame, whatever I could find to ground myself.

Taps, swipes, strokes. Every touch stoked the fire.


“Yes, babygirl. Cum for me.”

I screamed. My body twisted and flailed. The physical release was short-lived, but aftershocks racked my body. I forgot to breathe and drew in air in gasps and gulps.

Of course he wasn’t done with me. Is he ever?

Another barely-there-touch, and my entire body tensed with pleasure so intense I thought I might explode into tiny pieces.

“PleaseDaddymayIcum?” Not a scream. Not a whisper. And certainly no ability to take in air and ask properly. The words were forced out through gritted teeth just in front of a shriek that threatened to bring the walls down around us.


I exploded one more time. Shaking, trembling, quivering, shuddering. Hips bucking. Body tightening. Hands grasping empty air.Β He pulled me close as if to keep me from flying away.

Eventually we slept. And woke the next morning to begin round two, this time complete with growled curses, pulled hair, smacked breasts, ass, and face, and mutual orgasms. But that night, just hours after intense play, I was the spark and he was the gasoline.

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Masturbation Monday


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