Masturbation Monday

“If You Can Make Yourself Cum Like That, Go For It” #MasturbationMonday

I’m not quite sure how we wound up in that position. A tangle of arms, legs, and sheets. My leg was thrown over his, and my naked pussy had direct – and delicious – contact with his rock-hard thigh. (God, I love his legs…and his hands…and his butt….where was I? Oh yes, I remember…)

I wanted him. His touch. His words. His orgasm-inducing ideas. With a grin and a prayer, I rubbed myself against his leg. A not-so-subtle hint that I was hot and bothered.

“If you can make yourself cum like that, go for it.”

A challenge – with permission to orgasm? Yes, please!

Grinding against his leg felt good but the spark of electricity my clit desperately needed was missing.

“Please help me, Daddy. Pleeeeease.”

“I am helping you, babygirl. I’m letting you use my leg.”

I whined and pouted. I rolled onto my back, spreading my legs wide. Grabbing his hand, I brought his fingers to my swelling lips.

“No, Daddy. I need help here.” He stroked my tender skin. I moved my pelvis back and forth. He held his hand still, letting me use his finger as my own personal toy. Just as I could feel the pressure and pleasure building, he pulled away.

More pouting and a few babygirl whimpers, before returning to the frustrating and lacking grinding of pussy to thigh.

“Please help me, Daddy. I can’t. It’s not enough.”

Without a word, he jammed his leg hard between my thighs. My folds parted and my clit made contact with his skin. Yessssssss.

The first orgasm was small, a tease.

I whimpered. He pressed harder.

The second and third orgasms took my breath away. Every muscle tightened around his thigh. My arms locked around his neck, holding on for dear life. My body shook uncontrollably. Panting and gasping for air, I thought to roll away. Having none of it, he pressed against my tender body one more time. Riding his leg like a wanton, the final climax was pure liquid heat.

“Mmmmm, thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, babygirl.”

Minutes later, I rolled onto my side and tucked into the crook of his body. Little spoon to his big spoon, but not ready for sleep. With a forwardness that surprised me – and possibly him – I grabbed his cock from between my legs and rubbed against my soaked slit.

“See what you do to me, Daddy?”

“I can see that, babygirl.”

Thrusting my hips back and forth, I rubbed along his entire length with the folds of my body. Soon impatient with my play, he thrust himself completely into my body, growling with each slap of his balls on my ass.

A vigorous fucking followed – filled with hair pulling, throat squeezing, and nipple pinching. By the time he was through with me, I was a warm puddle in the bed, sated and exhausted. Even as I drifted off, I couldn’t help but tell myself, “You need to go for it more often, babygirl.”


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