Anal Masturbation

Training To Play


The vibrating dildo slid into my ass effortlessly.  The throbbing within my body lulled me into a light trance.  I began to pull it out and ease it back in, pull it out and ease it back in, gently fucking myself.  The nirvana of screaming nerve-endings coming alive wrung a moan from my throat.


I lay in a stupor, letting the sensations roll across my body.  The pulsing of the toy inside of my body sent sensations into my pussy, my nipples, my mind.  Knowing I could not stay there all night, I slowly eased the dildo, still throbbing and pulsing, out of my ass. As the vibrating head touched my sensitive asshole, I quivered.  My fingers found my clit and they danced and twirled until thick cum seeped out of my body.


Until a few weeks ago, I had never had anything bigger than a finger in my ass.  My first experience, years ago, with anal play lacked finesse and expertise from my partner.  I shelved it as “not my thing.”

So far, the only time I used my safeword occurred when Sir and I tried anal sex.  I felt split apart, my ass on fire.  I choked out the word,  muffled by the sheets I gripped in clenched hands, “Red…red…red…RED!”  The moment He heard me, He stopped.

“It’s ok, pet.  Do not for one minute think you’ve disappointed me.  You tried, and that’s all I ever ask.”

A few days later, we mutually agreed, I needed more time and more training.  From a small plug to a blue glass dildo and now to the dark knight, here I am.  Regardless of how stretched I feel, how ready I think I am to take more, I must orgasm or come close before any toy of girth can find purchase within my ass.  I must be a full state of relaxation.

Once I set the dark knight to a low pulse, he slipped in like a knife through butter. A sense of accomplishment washes over me each time I take something bigger or fuck myself longer. With a slightly sore ass, I sit here, wondering, “What next?”


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