Masturbation Monday

Night and Day #MasturbationMonday

There was the night he hooked my leg over his, pinning me down with his foot. My body was open to him. I couldn’t have pulled away if I’d wanted to. His fingers did a slow inspection of soft skin, moist lips, and swelling flesh. My body responded to his touch. My toes curled, my knees widened. I wanted him to touch me forever.

Every time is his fingers dove in, I was wetter than before. He chuckled each time my pussy squelched.

“Do you hear how wet you are for me, girl?”

I could only whimper and pant in response. He made me feel so good.

Several minutes later, I begged to come. Permission granted. One, then another, then a third. This time, I felt liquid splash on his leg as I squirted all over him. Seconds later, he rolled me to my side and slid his cock inside in one swift movement.

Wet, squelchy sounds surrounded us, until his groans of pleasure drowned out everything.


Then there was the morning I woke up to his hands on my hips, pulling me into his body. Assuming he wanted a little spoon to cuddle with, I curled into his arms, sighing with pleasure.

Without a word, he pulled down my pajama bottoms half way, uncovering my ass, granting him easy access to my body.

His fingers dove into my body. I was already moist. Not soaked but definitely damp. He stroked one end of my pussy to the other, pushing his fingers inside with each swipe. I made happy sounds, arching my back, wordlessly asking for more.

He gripped my hips, pushed my torso forward. I knew what he wanted and moved into position.

With no orgasm to open the way, the fit was tighter, but I loved it. The tightness of my pussy wrapped around his cock meant I could feel every ridge of his body as he thrust in and out.

The familiar sounds of squelching quickly surrounded us.

I smiled as our music filled the room.

Sometimes each time we fuck is as different as night and day, but there are also similarities. Welcome to Masturbation Monday!! It’s right before Thanksgiving here in the US, so hopefully you’ll have time this week to enjoy the fruits of the Masturbation Monday labors.

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