Fucking Masturbation Monday

I Love the Way He Fucks Me

rumpled sheets in the bed where he fucks me

I love the way he fucks me.

Rough fingers digging into soft flesh;

A growl that starts in the back of his throat before erupting around us;

Pulling me here, pushing me there.

He takes what he wants,

And I sigh with pleasure in the taking.

The crinkly hair on his chest and his legs rub

Against skin not used to the sensation.

His breath flows over my shoulder and cheek

Ruffling the hair falling into my eyes, tickling my nose.

How long was it in my face before I noticed it?

Does it matter?

He moves faster,


He growls louder,


I whimper,



Sigh with pleasure.

He fucks me with need,

With desire,

With passion.

And I push back,

Grip his thigh,

Hold on,

Brace myself

For what I know is coming.

He is coming.

I love the way he fucks me.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! We have our favorite position and our favorite time of day to fuck. Some might get bored with the routine, but I don’t. Instead, I notice the smaller details and revel in them. He swims in the larger moment of cock in cunt, while I dive into the subtleties of a good fuck.

Need more? You know where to go.

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