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No Patience #MasturbationMonday

“Why do you have to go, Sir?” Her voice, plaintive and pleading, whispered into the bedroom.

“Babygirl, you know I don’t want to go.” His stern voice was raspy with stifled sadness.

Babygirl buried her face in the pillow, her shoulders shaking with muffled sobs. Uncharitable thoughts filled her mind. If he wanted to be with me, he’d find a way. Why did I let myself fall again? This hurts too much. He doesn’t really love me.

“I know what you’re thinking, Babygirl. And I love you more than I ever thought possible. We will be together, I promise. You need to have patience.” His voice cut through her irrational thoughts.

The bed dipped as Sir sat down next to her. He stroked her hair softly, watching her shoulders slowly relax. A second later, he grabbed her tresses viciously, yanking her head back, forcing her to make eye contact. Babygirl whimpered at the sting in her scalp. Warmth flooded her core; she knew she was wet.

Sir pulled Babygirl’s head up, forcing her body to follow. He rolled her over onto her back, his hand still wrapped in her hair. He held her head still as his free hand stroked and kneaded her soft flesh, from her shoulders down over her supple breasts. He paused long enough to pinch her nipples. Babygirl squeaked in surprise and arched her back with pleasure. Strong fingers massaged her stomach, moving down to her mound.

“Spread your legs, girl.” His voice gruff with desire.

Opening her legs wide, Babygirl shrieked in surprise as Sir’s hand came down hard on her labia. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Babygirl sobbed with desire and pain, the desire for the sensations to both continue and stop warring within her.

“Have I got your attention, girl? Touch yourself. Pleasure yourself. You may have one orgasm tonight before we sleep.”

Sir let Babygirl go and stood up, walking across the bedroom. He eased himself down, leaned back, and crossed his legs. He inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm, girl, I can smell your sex from across the room.”

Babygirl moaned at Sir’s words. Throwing her head back, her hands began to roam across her body. She cupped her breasts, tweaking her tight nipples. One hand held her breast while the other skimmed down her torso and found her mound. She spread her legs wide, shuddering as the cool air kissed her damp lips.

I’ll show him what he’ll miss by leaving. That was the last coherent thought in Babygirl’s mind as her fingertips grazed her swollen clit. Shrieking, her hips lifted high into the air, her knees spread farther apart as her heels dug into the mattress. She dipped one finger into her pussy, then another.

THWAP-THWAP-THWAP! The wet sound of flesh meeting wet flesh filled the air. Babygirl moaned and shrieked as her fingers slammed into her g-spot. A burning, throbbing desire filled her center. She knew she was close.

“Go ahead, girl. Cum for me.”

Sir’s husky voice sent her over the edge. Babygirl screamed as ejaculate sprayed across her hand, splashing her thighs and the bed beneath her. Collapsing into the bed, aftershocks wracked her body for several moments. Gasping for air, Babygirl managed a weak, “Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome, Babygirl.” Amusement filled Sir’s voice. “You are such an impatient little girl. Maybe I should have told you that was your last orgasm until I return.”

Babygirl whined wordlessly in protest.

“One way or another, you will learn patience, Babygirl. Patience with your desires – and patience in our relationship.” He smiled to himself before continuing. “Now, before we sleep, I’m going to fuck your brains out, but don’t even think about cumming, my impatient Babygirl.”

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