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#ShamelessPromotion A Loving Heart’s Desire by @RJRedlynn

This is crazy (after weeks of none), but today I have TWO Shameless Promotions! Call me weird, but I’m so excited!! /squeeee! 

Welcome R.J. Redlynn to Shameless Promotion Thursday!!

R.J. is the author of A Loving Heart’s Desire:

A simple construction worker and his stay at home wife begin to explore their sexual fantasies more deeply. As their anniversary approaches, Connor devises a plan to surprise his beloved wife, Abbie, with the romantic night of her dreams. However, as their sex heats up, jealousy and deception threaten to destroy their marriage. With accusations of adultery, will their marriage survive ?

Only $0.99 on Amazon!

Only $0.99 on Amazon!

R.J. kindly included an excerpt…I love sampling before buying!

The Morning Glory


I had planned to sleep in, but the need between my legs woke me early.   Not knowing why, but I decided I needed to be fucked.  I turn my head and look over at Connor who is asleep.  He will be getting up to go to work in a little while, and would normally not be happy to be woken up early.  But I think to myself, what guy wouldn’t trade some sleep for sex?
It was warm and he had pushed his sheet down to his waist, uncovering his muscular and tanned body.  The hours of framing houses sans shirt, has given him the perfect bronze and nice sculpted muscles.  His abs look like rippling waves on an ocean while the definition in his waist, points to a place I want to go.  Without realizing it, my left hand is up the bottom of my sexy lace boy shorts, rubbing my now swollen lips.
Lifting my hips up, I slide my panties off and kick them to the floor.  Sitting up, and with both hands, pull my pink lace top over my head, tossing it to the forming pile.  Scooting closer to him, I roll on my right side, reach over and pull the sheet down past his skin tight boxer briefs.  Slowly I begin to rub his dick, forming my hand in a U shape as I slowly rub the sides, trying to awaken his sleeping beast.  I smile as I feel his loins stir.  His cock thickens and can see and feel it grow and begin to bulge in his briefs.
Rolling onto my knees, straddling his left leg, I grab the sides of his waist band and begin to pull his boxers down.  His eyes open.
“Abbie, what are you doing?”
“Just lay back and relax baby, I need you inside me,” I reply in a soft sexy voice.
 He smiles, shifts his body a little and looks very relaxed.  Continuing to pull down his boxers and he lifts his hips, which allows me to remove his boxers, but more importantly, frees his hard, thick cock from its confines.  I gaze upon it and smile.  With my right hand, I reach over and give it a few long strokes.  My fingers can barely cover half the length of his shaft nor can I close my hand completely around it.  I feel myself get wetter.
Putting my hands on his thighs, I move myself in front of him placing my legs outside of his.   Turning around, I face away from him.  He closes his legs and puts his hands on my hips.  Rising up to position myself above him and feeling the tip of his hard cock just separating my lips, I slowly slide myself down.  His engorged tip easily slips into me.  I moan and feel a wave of pleasure flow through me.   His thickness fills me as I take him deeper inside me, stretching me.   Taking him in me as far as I can, my lips hugging his cock tightly, I rock forward and give my hips and little wiggle before leaning back.  My body taking him even deeper.
 “MMM,” I said as I bit my lower lip.
 He’s in deep and I can feel every inch.  I began to slowly rock my hips back and forth, grinding into him, feeling him fill me over and over.   Back and forth, back and forth, it’s amazing, feeling him slide in and out of me, touching places that needed to be touched.  My orgasm builds quickly and I cum.  I know that I want more, the need between my legs needs more and his steel rod is ready for more action.
Raising myself off of him, I turn to face him.   My hands go to his chest as I lean forward and my long blonde hair falls forward partially covering my breasts.   He reaches down and holds the base of his cock straight up for me.   Lowering myself back down on him, still soaking wet, I easily take him back in.   I grab his hands and put them on my breasts.  He immediately begins messages my breasts and pinches my nipples.  Closing my eyes, lean my head back.   Find my rhythm and rock away, feeling the pressure building inside me.   I am a volcano about to erupt.   I feel his mouth on my nipple.   He swirls his tongue around it as his sucks it into his hot, wet mouth.   As he sucks, his teeth graze my nipple.   The licking, the sucking, the gently biting, it’s all too much for me to stand for very long.   It’s just what I need to bring me to orgasm again.   I pull him close to me and I grind myself into him as my body floods with pleasure.
He leans back and I fall forward, on top of him, exhausted.   My body is so relaxed and tingling all over.   My legs like jell-o, just lying on Connor.  I am breathing like I just ran a marathon.
“Oh my God, I needed that.   That was a great O,” I say with an exhausted breath.   Just then Conner’s alarm goes off and he reaches over and turns it off.
“Great, I’ve got a hard cock and now I have to go to work.”
I summon all the strength I have and roll over and off of Connor so that he can get up and shower for work.
“Do you want to be a little late to work?”
“I can’t, boss is still mad at me for being late three times this month.”
“Sorry honey, I’ll take care of you tonight, any way you want.   I love you,” I say with a loving smile.   He gets up and heads to the bathroom where he turns on the shower.
“I love you too”, he replies, less upset.”  You sure didn’t last long.”
‘No I didn’t.  Getting you hard, I got really turned on.   I almost came just getting you inside me.   Guess I just needed to get laid.”
Connor smiles at me and heads into the bathroom while I roll over to my side and pull the covers back over me and go back to sleep.
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