Every Damn Day in June 2019 Sinful Sunday

Two Sides of the Same Coin

To be honest, I could show you the picture above and call myself done. No need to continue on. This is the kind of image of myself I love best. Soft curves, clean lines, twists and turns.

But we all have multiple facets — to our minds, emotions, personalities, and, of course, bodies.

And the moment I realized I was scared to let anyone see the image below, I knew I needed to share it. Because it’s just as much me as the side I’d prefer to share.

Kayla Lords kneeling on the bed in lingerie

No perfect lines or curves here. Just bumps ahead. But it’s as real as anything else. If you want the good angles, you have to take the less good angles, too. If I’m going to enjoy the way my flesh curves around my back, I have to accept that it will also hang and fold and be less than what I love in other places.

I don’t look at my stomach, and think, “I hate this!” Not anymore. But I do think, “I hope no one sees it” which isn’t much different. But here I am…in all my glory.

No matter what you’re into — more sexy images, lingerie, or the journey of attempting to blog every freaking day in June, pick a button below, any button, and you’ll be rewarded.

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