Masturbation Monday

Naked, Relaxed, and Flogged

We were home after a long, exhausting, and enjoyable weekend. We’d been stuck in the car for hours, driving through rain and in the dark. Stretching out in our own bed felt like a luxury. I do love a weekend away, but I really love coming home again.

“I’m waiting on you to assume the position, girl.”

There’s a chance I said something sassy back, but it’s been forgotten to the annals of time. So there’s no proof either way…just saying.

Fully naked, in my own house, on my own bed. This was heaven.


The strands of our new flogger landed on my butt. I sighed and closed my eyes.


He took his time, letting each impact land in a slow, methodical thump.

“Uh, is this doing anything for you?”

For once I wasn’t squeaking, dancing on my toes, or whining. In fact, I’d closed my eyes.

“Oh yes, Daddy. This feels good. Like a massage. Please don’t stop.”

The sadist in him might have been disappointed, but the kinky fucker who loves impact play was just fine.

He changed angles, speed, intensity, moving from one side of my bottom to the other. I sighed with pleasure and smiled with each THWAP against my skin.

I don’t know how long he flogged me, and it certainly wasn’t enough to leave marks or wear me out, but it didn’t need to be. In that moment we connected as a D/s couple doing a kinky thing we love. Trying out a new toy in the privacy of our bedroom — it was a little piece of heaven.

When he stopped, I mused, “Is my skin even pink?” With none of the sharp pain, it was hard to imagine that even the deepest hits had left a mark.

“A little. Your skin is warm.” He smoothed my skin with a firm touch. If he kept touching me like that, it wouldn’t just be my butt that was warm. “It’s just a warm-up flogger, anyway.”

A few more thwaps for good measure, and it was over.

“Get in bed, babygirl. We need sleep.”

I was a little disappointed to find out later that he really meant “sleep.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! My mental health took a dive last week and then we went out of town to see family and do kinky business things (which was fun!). But it left little time for kinky fuckery. I’ll take floggings whenever I can get them, though, so I’m not unhappy with my Sunday night. But for actual smut, you know where to go.

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