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Can I Write Every Damn Day in June?

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The real question isn’t whether I can write every day in June, it’s whether I will.

A huge shout-out to Hyacinth for this idea. She wants to get herself back into a blogging habit, and she’s using June to do it. Even better, she’s inviting the rest of the blogging community along for the ride.

What do I want? To play with writing and blogging again. To not feel like every word has to be important or meaningful (although sometimes they will be). I want to be reminded that what it means to blog has little to do with word counts or the images you add.

It’s about self expression, figuring things out, and playing with words and ideas. Blogging represents freedom — to think, to write, to dream, to exist in this online space.

Sometimes I might have very little to say. A sentence or two. And sometimes I may write until my fingers ache. It depends on the day and the mood. I hope that whether I write a few words or a thousand that readers get something from it, but this is personal self-indulgence too. One that feels good and right.

So watch this space, I guess. Maybe it’ll be pictures of my boobs and ass or pictures of John Brownstone. Maybe it’ll be long, thoughtful prose on kink or short, snarky soundbites, but every damn day in June, it’ll be something.

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