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Feeling Pretty in Purple

full view of the temptress babydoll

Several weeks (months!) ago, I randomly mused on Twitter what it might be like to review something other than sex toys for once. BDSM gear and lingerie were at the top of my wish list. And then a delightful Twitter friend messaged me and asked if I’d like to review any of the lingerie she sells through Pure Romance.

Do dreams really come true?! Sometimes, especially dreams involving sheer fabric, thongs, and — in my case — purple. She let me pick, and is anyone surprised that I chose The Temptress Pleated Purple Babydoll?

Full frontal temptress babydoll from Pure Romance

The pleats fall nicely, and it swishes just right when I move. When I first got it (weeks ago), it was a perfect fit. And now, it’s a little big as I’ve lost about 10 pounds. But the size chart was pretty accurate.

Oh, and did I mention it comes with a thong…

thong that comes with Temptress Babydoll

Now this is a position I know well. Did I wiggle my butt? Of course. Is this a freshly waxed cunt peeking out, begging for attention? Damn straight.

And, because this is Boobday and some people prefer tits to ass, here you go…

my boob in the temptress babydoll

The straps are adjustable. All the accents (bows and such) are black. My pictures suck (damn lighting!) but the purple is absolutely gorgeous!

A huge thanks to Tashia (@tashiabelle on Twitter) for sending me something that makes me feel so pretty and, dare I say it, feminine. It’s always fun watching his eyes light up in delight, surprise, and, of course, lust. Check out Tashia’s Pure Romance page for lingerie, sex toys (those looked fun, too!), and more.

And for more sexy boobs, click below.

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