February Photofest 2018

My Perspective: Hiding, Sharing, or Just Having Fun?

my perspective of John Brownstone in the shower

Perspective is everything. Is John Brownstone hiding from the camera and playing peekaboo with me (and you)?

Or did I manage to capture one small moment of our shower together? An intimacy few people experience with another human being. We go through our lives, blinders on, bumping along, seeing through the tunnel vision of what we want and need, what’s on our minds, rarely seeing other people and what they need and want.

So is he hiding or am I showing? Maybe it’s both and maybe it’s neither.

And maybe we have a waterproof camera and thought it would be fun to spend part of our Saturday morning playing in the shower, taking sexy photos of each other.

Frankly, they can all be true at the same time. It’s all about perspective.

Speaking of perspective, John Brownstone shared his for February PhotoFest, too. If you want something sexier, you should check out his image of me today.

February Photofest

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