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Product Review: He Tasted So Damn Good

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I heard the crinkling of plastic being ripped open before I registered time of day or day of the week. Had we just gone to bed? Was it early morning? What in the hell was he doing?

The fumbling sound of a cardboard box in the direction of our dresser helped me figure it out. He was getting into the new lube (received in exchange for an honest review). Now? I don’t know what day it is or what my name is, but he’s pulling out brand new lube right now?

Sometimes I surprise myself with my ability to show patience. Maybe it was because my brain and mouth weren’t working together yet to form words. Maybe it was because I was just curious…what exactly did he have in mind?

The bed sank down as he climbed back in. I heard the low pop of a broken seal. A faint squirting sound. The tap of plastic bottle on a nightstand.

But I thought it was flavored lube?

Still, I stayed quiet. I waited. Eyes glued shut with sleep and laziness, body sensing what was about to happen.

He pulled me into his arms. My body was looser than I’d anticipated. I melted right into him, arching my back, granting his cock entrance.

The lube was slick and cool. A faint, sweet smell hit my nose but nothing cloying or overwhelming. I thought we would do oral sex with this stuff. What about a blowjob? Is he going to eat me out? After the first thrust of cock into tight, hot cunt, I forgot about lube, flavored or otherwise.

My brain hadn’t caught up to being awake, but my body understood. I grabbed the rails of the bed with both hands and hung on. I arched my back and pushed into his pelvis with each thrust. A slurping, squelching sound filled the room. The lube might have helped, but I got there quick enough. So did he.

Although we’d fucked the night before, he hit the edge and tipped over quicker than usual. Part of me was disappointed. Will I have enough good stuff to write a review? Or does he have plans for tonight? We’re supposed to taste this stuff!

He pulled out of my body, rolling onto his back. I finally voiced my concern.

“I thought we were supposed to taste this stuff.”

“Oh, there will be a tasting.” He wound his fingers in my sex-mussed hair and tugged until I was nose to cock. “Let me know what you think.”

I smelled peach and come, mine and his. The crinkly hairs on his pelvis held the scent of sex and sweat. My mouth watered. As my tongue covered his shaft, I tasted sex and the faint flavor of sweet peaches. I sucked down the last drops of our combined juices. When I gagged on his cock, I pulled away and laid my cheek on his leg, staring up at him as he softened in the barely lit morning.

“You taste wonderful, Daddy.” He chuckled. “Are you gonna taste me?”

“Soon enough, babygirl. Soon enough.”

About Wicked Flavored Lube: Aqua Sweet Peach

bottle of sweet peach flavored lubeIf you’ve followed me long enough, you know we have a preferred all-purpose lube. When Wicked asked if I wanted to try their new flavors – Sweet Peach and Pink Lemonade – I was intrigued. I don’t want to lick the other lube we use (even though it’s safe enough). Anything that gives us an excuse for oral sex (not that I need one) sounds good to me. The two flavors we received are their “summer flavors” but they have a few others I wouldn’t mind trying, like the Salted Caramel or Mocha Java. Who needs Starbucks if I can coat John Brownstone’s cock in that stuff?

Wicked flavored lube is water-based so it’s safe with toys, and it’s latex free so it’s good for condoms. Although it’s sweet, it’s made with stevia instead of regular white sugar or high fructose corn syrup (which I can’t imagine putting in my body at either end). I was a little concerned about the flavor and sweetness before trying it. The idea of a cloying, sickeningly sweet cock didn’t appeal. The Sweet Peach flavor was mild enough not to get in the way of the delicious natural flavor of us but sweet enough to genuinely taste like peaches.

I don’t have a sensitive vulva or vagina (well, no more sensitive than the average vulva/vagina) so I wasn’t worried about reactions from the ingredients. But I still cleaned up once we were done. No need to mess up the chemistry of my body by accident, right? If you know you’re susceptible to infections or skin irritation, check the ingredients and maybe use it on your partner instead.

Wicked advertises their lube as vegan with no animal testing or byproducts used. They offer a variety of flavors in the Aqua (water-based) line, and also several other types of lubricant. We received a few others that we may try. As a lube, it was decent (but we still have our favorite). As a flavored lube, it was pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of peach-flavored anything (although I love to eat peaches) and it tasted good. The Wicked flavored lube won’t replace our preferred lube, but it’s definitely something to consider when we want to make oral sex more interesting.

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