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Thoughts of an Aging Submissive Babygirl

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Sugar is one part of a D/s family. She’s a babygirl to her Daddy Dom and an alpha sub. When Sugar sent me her thoughts on what it means to be an aging submissive, especially as a babygirl, I knew it was something other people needed to read. I’m still in my 30s which is young, but even I struggle with the babygirl side when I think of how close I am to 40. It’s something we all have to deal with, and I know plenty of subs who are in their 50s and 60s and continue to have an amazing kinky life. So no matter how old you are (or aren’t) heed Sugar’s words. Life doesn’t end just because we get to a certain age…in so many ways, it’s only beginning.

On being an aging submissive or how it feels to be a 12-year-old in a 60-year-old body…

When you’re in your thirties, and perky and not a wrinkly old prune, it’s hard to imagine what you will look like thirty years down the road. I am an older submissive and it’s nearly impossible to tell that to my brain. Inside of my head, I am a 12-year-old baby girl often times. I am silly and happy and messy. I forget all about the grown-up world, (like picking up my clothes off the floor.) I am often opinionated. If I am pushed too far will stamp my foot. Sound familiar?

If you have ever had children I truly behave like a normal healthy 12-year-old. Daddy saw that age in me. I don’t like coloring books, I don’t like dolls, but sparkly and glittery things are great, so are makeup and great clothes. I am sometimes a tomboy, and sometimes a cool pre-teen. I am, in my own head, 12. Just because I am older physically, doesn’t mean I am always older emotionally.

Daddy named me as a 12-year-old, Sophie. She’s different than Sugar. Sophie is much more emotional, much more worried about things. Sugar is a normal, functional, working adult who has a master’s degree. I am usually Sugar in life, but many times Daddy can bring out Sophie easily. He will say something funny, or ask me if I’d like a treat, or tell me I look pretty today. Sophie pops out so quickly. I laugh when that happens. In the beginning, I didn’t realize the transformation. Now I can identify more easily when she comes out.

The real moral of this story is it’s often hard to look in a mirror and see an older person, and not a 12 year old. Sometimes I can look beyond the little lines and see the twinkle in my eyes of Sophie. Daddy sees her all the time. Daddy is younger than I am by about 9 years, I never really feel older than him. Actually, I don’t think about that much. I am a lucky girl who gets to live out her life in all and anyway she actually feels. I am fun-loving and silly, sensitive and deep, stubborn and messy. I am and will continue to be any way I feel at that moment.

So to all the babygirls out there, I say this growing older is mandatory, growing up is not. Enjoy your life, your feelings, your childlike self. Continue to love yourself exactly the way you are. It will not go away just because you had a few more birthdays, a few more decades of life. You will continue to be who you are. Your Sophie or your Sugar won’t change. You will be older and wiser, but just as able to be your true self, regardless of who that is at the present moment.

Happy babygirls are a true joy to behold, regardless of how old their bodies are on the outside. Embrace your inner child, and you will not become that grouchy, old woman you used to hate when you were a kid!

About Sugar

From Sugar’s website:

“I met daddy online on a bdsm site. I had briefly emailed him on a comment  he made and we talked. As a matter of fact there hasn’t been a day since September 16, 2014 we haven’t talked in some form. We have slowly grown into how we are today. Neither of us expected to be this close I am sure of that. Daddy didn’t want a real relationship as far as I could tell. He wanted to find a nice submissive but more casually. He didn’t even think I was very submissive at all. We laugh about that now.”

Check out Sugar’s website to learn more about her story and her relationship. (<===Click it!)

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