#NewRelease Sir and Babygirl: Forever Bound

Today’s the day! Today’s the day!

Finally after….how long? I don’t know, but too long, the final Sir and Babygirl installment is out and published! Woohoo!!!!!

You can buy it as a direct download (PDF) from my store or you can purchase it on:

Amazon ♥ Smashwords ♥ iBooks ♥ Nook

Need a reason to buy? Check out this excerpt <==click the link!

Haven’t read the first three books?

The first book is now FREE! You can get it as a PDF download for free from me and on AmazonSmashwords, iBooks, and Nook!

Check out the entire series:

The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl (Book 1)

Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love (Book 2)

Sir and Babygirl: Family Ties (Book 3)

Sir and Babygirl: Forever Bound (Book 4)

I’ll have a full boxed set out in the next few months with additional stories. It’ll be available in paperback, too!


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