I May Be Obsessed with Spankings #podcast

Spankings, spankings, spankings!

They’re pretty much all I’ve thought about, talked about, and done (at least in the world of kink) for the past several days.

A therapy spanking, a little bit of fun, and then we made a video and put it on my Patreon page ($5 and up pledges required to view). So it made sense that spankings would be our topic for this week on the podcast.

From the show:

  • Become our kinky patron at the $5 and up level, and you can watch John Brownstone spank my ass!
  • There are different types of spankings: fun, funishment, punishment, and therapeutic.
  • Spankings are typically ass and hand, but they can also be toys and other parts of your body: tits, pussy, cock, and even face (which is really a smack instead of a spank).
  • You don’t have to be a sadist and a masochist to get something from spankings or to use them in your D/s relationship. It’s also okay and “normal” if you don’t enjoy spankings and don’t make them part of your dynamic. There’s no rule that says you have to be into spankings.
  • Therapy spankings are my personal favorite because they release tension from my body between the impact and the pain.
  • Be mindful of whether the therapy spanking works (it won’t always). You may have deeper issues to deal with than a spanking can cure – I know I did.
  • Funishment is the playful teasing of “being bad” and getting the spanking you both want.
  • Punishment (as discussed in episode 58) is awful and painful, and that’s the point.
  • Submissives can ask for a spanking (within the confines of their particular dynamic) but be prepared to be denied or be surprised by what you get. We don’t always get what we’re asking for.
  • For Dominants who enjoy them, spankings can be good for you, too. Spankings can be your own way to release tension or feed off the energy of your submissive.
  • Always play safely and practice if you’re new to an activity. Yes, even if that means you spank a pillow to get the feel of it before you spank your partner.
  • Toys can be used in spanking: floggers, paddles, canes, crops, belts, wooden spoons, brushes, you name it.
  • Be mindful of red marks, bruises, and broken skin. Discuss what’s acceptable to you both before you add spanking. Some people are okay with welts and bruises but not cuts and blood.

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