Masturbation Monday

No Seduction Needed

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“Are you still awake?”

I wasn’t sure what to expect. A sleepy garble or nothing.

“Yep, I’m still awake.”

We’d been in bed nearly an hour, and I was doped up on medication. We should have been sound asleep, but we were both wide awake.

“Wanna have sex? You can just grab the lube and go at it. No need for seduction.”

I figured making it easy on him would take pressure off both of us. Instead, he ran his hand down my thigh and pulled my leg over his. His fingers were rough against my vulva, and I squirmed away. His touch softened, and I melted into him.

But I didn’t want seduction or even an orgasm. I wanted to fuck.

Rolling over, I faced him, not quite sure what should happen next. His touch was gentle across my entire body. Fingers running up and down my arm, over my stomach and thighs.

I couldn’t help myself. I joined in the moment and stroked his skin. In some places it tickled him, and I giggled in delight. When I strummed fingertips against tight balls, we both sighed in pleasure. I love his testicles, especially when they’re drawn up in anticipation. But I also love the soft fleshiness of his pelvis, and I made sure to luxuriate in it, swim in the one part of him that isn’t hard or gruff.

Eventually, we pulled apart, and I rolled back over, becoming his little spoon. His slid his cock between my thighs, resting against my slit, but not quite pushing in. I rode him like that, loving the silky steel of him.

No lube. No orgasm. He thrust his cock in. It hurt, and I loved it. He forced his way past tight muscles, still clamped and clenched, not quite ready for sex. It was a rough invasion, but a welcome one.

My body responded in seconds, flooding us both with sticky heat, cushioning each thrust with wet desire. I wanted him to pound me hard and take whatever he wanted. Give it to me!

Instead, his hands roamed my back, shoulders, breasts. A quick tweak of my nipple just to get me to squeal and clench. He ran his fingers through my hair, just enough to give a gentle tug. I pushed back against him with each thrust, desperate for more, knowing this was all we could do safely.

I lost track of time as he pushed in and pulled out, a little faster and harder each time. His hands kept up their soft seduction until finally…”Aaaaaaggghhhhhhhh!” He came with a final thrust and we collapsed into an exhausted heap together.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! No wanking from me (yet) or even orgasms, but that’s okay. This is what I needed even though I didn’t quite realize it at the time. Side note: I have a pinched nerve and a lot of medications to help with the pain until I get to a specialist. So yeah, rough kinky fuckery is definitely out, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t finding ways to connect sexually. Go forth and read something that makes you want to touch yourself or gives you something to think about!

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