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Buy a Sex Toy, Send Me to Eroticon! Thanks to Hum Vibrator!

UPDATE 10/17/16: The HUM vibrator mentioned in this post is sold. But you can scroll down and find other ways to help out through my affiliate partnerships. Thank you!

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? How can buying a sex toy send me to Eroticon?

Well, thanks to the amazing generosity of Jay, the maker and seller of the HUM vibrator, if you buy the vibrator through my website (click this link ===> Get a HUM!), he’ll send it to you anywhere FedEx ships to, and I keep the proceeds.

Shut the front door!

It’s crazy generous of him, and I love him for it. He is officially a sponsor of my Eroticon trip, y’all!

I only have one to sell, so if you’re interested, get it now! For less than the regular retail price.

I’ve reviewed the HUM, a smart tech vibrator that’s completely waterproof. The vibe learns what you (or your lady) like and gives you what you want. Artificial intelligence in a vibrator. Gawd, I love the age we live in.

Read my review (<=== Click that link)

Check it out in my store (<==== Click there, too!)

And go to the HUM website for more information about the company, the vibes, and to see for yourself that buying it from me will actually save you money.

To the lucky person who buys the HUM from me, once you pay and I get notification of your order, you’ll tell me which one you want (there’s 5 to choose from!), and I’ll let Jay know so he can send it to you.

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy, y’all.

And you’ll help make my writer/podcaster/blogger dreams come true!

Want something different? Got a smaller budget? Click on any of the following links and buy something, and I’ll make a commission from the sale:


Good Vibes



All Romance

If any sex toy companies or other adult businesses want to partner up to sponsor my trip to Eroticon, email me at kaylalords at gmail.

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