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Time to Play: Bravolink Silicone Vibrator

I laid across the bed, bones half melted from a few smacks on my ass.

He tossed the bright pink rabbit on the bed beside me. “Here you go. Time to play.”

With no small effort, I crawled to my side of the bed and settled myself over the towel set out for just this moment. The Bravolink Vibrator (a rabbit received in exchange for an honest review) hadn’t impressed me when I first opened it up, but I was willing to give it a chance. And frankly, it had been a little too long since I’d had an orgasm.

I spread my legs and the scent of my own sex surrounded me.

“I think I’m ready, Daddy. A few spanks and I’m a wet mess. Here, feel!”

He cupped my mound pressing one finger against my clit. I whimpered and rubbed against his hand. My back arched as I pressed harder against him.

“Please, please, oh God, please can I come?!” I wailed.

“No! Play with your toy, girl.”

I needed no other encouragement. I was desperate for an orgasm. But first…I turned on the vibrator. There were 10 speeds, each one equally as intense. I wrapped my hand around it as I tested the settings. This might be better than I thought.

I rubbed the long, flat side of the vibrator against my clit on the first setting. Oh yesssssss. My heels dug into the bed, and my body thrummed and quivered. Warm cream oozed out of my slit as my muscles spasmed.

Turning the vibrator, I placed the fat tip against my pussy. It slid in with a POP! I angled the smaller head against my clit.  The effect was immediate.

I thrashed around on the bed, gasping and moaning. I reached out and caught his hand in mine, digging my nails into his skin.

The orgasm slammed into me, taking my breath away. My hips bucked as my body rocked side to side. Another orgasm. I cried out.

I hit the button. The next setting was equally as intense. The orgasms, although small, were rolling in like waves. Each one took me by surprise.

My legs tried to clamp down over the vibrator which only made the sensations more intense. I clung to the edge of the bed, sobbing out each release, changing the setting when the orgasms became too much. Only two of the 10 settings didn’t rip an orgasm from me. I took those moments to catch my breath.

Then, I landed on a stuttering vibration that was relentless and cruel, forcing orgasm after orgasm from me with no warning.

Daddy tweaked my nipples until a full-throated scream erupted from me.

“Oh, now the toes are curling. That one must have been good.”

I tried to glare at him but another orgasm tore through me.

Every inch of my body tingled and sizzled. Each successive climax, although not big and wet, sent electric shocks through me.

“Enough!” I pulled the vibrator away from my body with another audible POP! “I can’t take anymore.”

“I know what you need. You need my cock.”

Yes, I did. The second part, which was hot all on it’s own, will have to wait for tomorrow’s post.

Bravolink Silicone G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

I will admit that I was not impressed with the Bravolink Silicone G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator when I first saw it. It felt lighter and flimsier than the other rabbit I reviewed a few weeks before. When John Brownstone needed an instruction sheet for getting the batteries (3 AAA) in just right, I thought I was going to be very disappointed. This vibrator is less than $20 on Amazon (as of September 2016, at least), and I’m a big believer in the idea that you get what you pay for.

I was so wrong.

This hot pink rabbit packs a damn punch. The orgasms weren’t big, wet juicy ones, but on eight of the 10 settings, they were still ripped from my body which I always love. Had the clitoral orgasms not been so intense, I might have been able to keep the vibrator inside of me long enough to get a g-spot orgasm (those sometimes take forever for me to achieve). That entire episode that you just read lasted 10 minutes. It was all too intense – in the best possible way.

Every once in while I try a toy that makes it into my must-use stack of toys to grab when I just want to play (or when we do, lol). This little vibrator is definitely in that stack now. Even in the world of sex toys, the small, cheap ones can surprise you, and this rabbit by Bravolink shocked the hell out of me, in the best possible way.

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