Masturbation Monday


I watch him watching her. I watch her watching him. I’m mesmerized by the sight of their desire.

Flushed skin. Halting breaths.

Soaking in the smell and sight of pale pink skin, delicate and tender.

Reaching out to touch shoulder, hand, cheek, stomach.

Bodies shaking.

Soft whimpers.

Low growls.

Their bodies strain to bridge the distance. They must join together, feed from each other’s energy and existence, consume the other.

Lips and tongues duel, tasting, touching, devouring each other.

They are wild things in a decadent dance of lust and passion. I, a simple observer.

Waves of heat flow from their body, jarring me out of a pleasure-induced stupor. My body strains to meet them, willing to join their dance, if only they could see me. If only they knew I was there.

Breathy moans. Gasps for air. Shuddering cries.

My own sounds of pleasure rival the video flickering in the dark. As she collapses against the pillows, my own sweet release follows. I scream into the quiet, my pleasure echoing in the room.

That’s when I catch them watching me…watching them.

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Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Have you ever watched porn and wondered what it would be like if they could watch you back? Just me? That’s okay. Go forth, my smutty friends, and check out this week’s Masturbation Monday posts, and for my US readers, make sure to enter this week’s giveaway from Couples Chemistry – one quick test and a HUGE box of toys for you and your partner to try. Oh yeah, it’s amazing!

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