Masturbation Monday

One More Time #MasturbationMonday

One more time before I go.

One more time to spread my thighs, dip searching fingers into silky folds.

Diving into secret spaces, searing hot with need and desire.

Heels digging into blankets, head thrashing on pillows.

Back arching from the bed. Nipples taut, pointing heavenward.

I know where heaven is, though.

It’s found in dark, wet places wishing for tongue and cock and fingers other than my own.

One more time, one more orgasm, one more ecstatic release.

And then another.

Greedy girl that I am, always another.

Squelching, squishing, wet sounds.

Swelling, hardening exquisitely painful desire.

Yessssssss, another, then another.

Wet sheets, the smell of sex hanging thick in the air, panting and gasping for breath.


Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I’m about to travel for a week without John Brownstone – to spend a week in my mom’s house where the urge to masturbate will never manifest. Not there, never there. So, I needed one more time to melt all of my bones. Okay, y’all, enough about me. Go forth and read smutty goodness inspired (in part) by one of the hottest prompts I think I’ve ever used. Rawr!

Masturbation Monday


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