Masturbation Monday

Mid-Day Delight #MasturbationMonday

“It’s been a rough morning. I’m going to relax with a few orgasms.”

“Have fun, babygirl.”

Ever since I realized I’ve wasted time and opportunity to masturbate as needed, I’ve decided to make up for lost time. If big, gushy orgasms relax me enough to let me sleep, surely they could relax me enough to get through a rough work day.

But what did I want to use?

Hands and fingers? Sultry, but I wanted bigger.

Was the big, black vibe charged up? Probably not. Damn it.

The small bullets might get me off, but I wanted something that would rip the orgasms (and tension) out of me.

The wand. I needed the wand.

But first, I needed towels. This was supposed to relax me and worrying about washing sheets wasn’t going to do that.

Two layers of towels.

Plugged-in Hitachi – with room to move.

Clothing off.

I closed the door to our bedroom. I was home alone except for the dog, and I really didn’t want him to freak out over the buzzing…and any noises I might make.

Perched against the pillows, I spread my thighs and turned on the behemoth. My hand and arm began to vibrate. The humming didn’t seem as loud as it feels at night when children sleep a few doors down and a sadist wields it against my body.

I pressed it against my mound, rolling the head down my outer labia. Oh god that felt good. I could feel something building and I hadn’t really touched myself yet.

I slipped the head down to my clit. My body shuddered. I almost came. That was close. That felt good.

Let’s do that again.

I pressed it lightly against the most sensitive part of me. My entire body convulsed. Fluid poured out of my body.

Mmmm, that was good.

My heels dug into the bed as I braced myself. Going in for the kill, so to speak, I eased it over my clit again.

My back arched. I opened my mouth in a silent scream. My hips bucked forward. Gushing. Lots of gushing.

I trembled. That felt good but it hurt, too.

I settled the wand just above my clit, massaging the flesh above the hood. Mmmmm, now that’s the spot.

The wand slipped a little. Spasms started in the bottoms of my feet and rippled up my legs. I yanked the wand away. It was too much. Too intense. Could I force myself when it hurt like this? God, but it hurt so good.

Masochist that I am, I pressed on (literally). I held the wand just above my clit and waited.

Pleasure rolled through my body. My toes and fingers clenched. Sweat covered my body. My hair stuck to my face. My hips twisted and turned. My thighs clamped down over the vibrating head. I choked on my screams as juices poured from my body.

I jerked the toy away, turning it off. I lay still, trying to catch my breath, wondering if I gave up too soon. Should I have let it go longer, seen what I could really take?

My eyes threatened to shut as my body relaxed fully in the aftermath. No. Anymore, and I’d fall asleep.

Maybe another mid-day delight on another day. I had work to do. But first, I had wet towels to deal with.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! In case you wondered, two towels double-folded weren’t quite enough. My quilt had a small wet spot when I was done. Note to self: three towels next time! Okay, smutty reader friends, go forth and see what other people are talking about on this, the best of all days.

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