Masturbation Monday

I Can Handle It #MasturbationMonday

Arms suspended above my head. My hands gripped the rope attached to my cuffs, knuckles white.

A trickle of sweat dripped down my temple. The smell of sex drifted around me. Naked. Vulnerable. Wet.

Blow after blow landed on my ass, back, tits.

I screeched and screamed until I moaned and purred.

“Give me a color, girl.”

I didn’t know, but I didn’t want him to stop. I managed a garbled, “Green.” He seemed surprised. I smirked. Give me your worst.

Sharp smacks landed across my outer thighs. I danced on my toes, squeezing my eyes shut, hissing between my teeth.

I arched my back, presenting my ass. Another dare. I can handle it.

Something cold rubbed against my slit. The handle. As he moved it across my pussy, I moved my pelvis. He stopped, I didn’t. I moved faster, humping the leather, feeling the orgasm building.

The handle moved away. I whimpered.

“You little slut.”

He began again. Paddles, floggers, his bare hand. Every toy we had touched my skin. The smell of my desire was thick around us.

And then. THWAP!

I screamed, every muscle in my body tightening. My cuffs cut painfully into my wrists as I gripped the rope above my head. Lights exploded behind my eyes.

The cane.

He ran the tip over my skin, down my hip, over the curve of my ass. I relaxed, leaning into the caress. He moved the length of the cane down the crack of my bottom and against my pussy. I trembled.

As before, he rubbed it against my body until I took over, humping and writhing. The orgasm was so close. I burned with it. Wanted it. Needed it.

“Oh no, my little slut, you don’t get an orgasm that easily.”

Any disappointment I felt was soon forgotten as the flogger kissed my skin and pleasurable pain blotted out all other sensations.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! One of our Christmas presents to ourselves this year was a trip to the dungeon. It was much needed and served as therapy for a larger issue between us – and yes, I will write about that later. Until then, enjoy the smutty yumminess!

Masturbation Monday

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