Masturbation Monday

Exploding Into a Million Pieces #MasturbationMonday

Pinned against him, my back molded to his chest, a muscled forearm sat heavily across my shoulders. He hooked his ankle around mine and wrenched my legs apart. I braced myself for the pain I was about to receive.

My eyes flew open at the featherlight touch across my mound, then my slit. I whimpered with anticipation, spreading my free leg wider. His caress so soft I immediately yearned for more.

He teased and taunted with the gentlest strokes.

My breath came in small huffs and gasps, wondering when he would –

Ohhhhh yesssssssss.

He circled my clit, slowly, with the patience I’ve come to love and dread. No need to hurry, he had all night. In response, I bucked my hips, eager for more.

Gentle swirls across my soaked center were at odds with the steely arm crushing my body to his. The harder I fought against both, the worse it all became.

I gasped for breath while holding onto his arm like a life preserver. I sought the torturous, swirling fingertip, even as the mounting desire curled my toes and the slowness of his movements warned of a tidal wave on the horizon.

Driven to madness, I barely managed a broken, “Please may I come, Daddy?” The words so stilted, he made me repeat them over and over again before I screeched them out through tears.


I exploded into a million tiny pieces. Stars swam in the blackness of eyes squeezed shut. I dragged in great gulps of air when I remembered to breathe again. My body lurched and bucked, held in place only by his arm across my shoulders.

Before I could catch my breathe, I heard a dark chuckle followed by, “Again.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday!! Quiet weekend around here, but we managed to have our moments. Now, go check out all the smutty goodness from the other writers today. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Masturbation Monday

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