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Did Babygirl defy her Sir?

Welcome to Scintillating Sunday. The day when authors share 8 words, sentences, or paragraphs from their work. Well, don’t be surprised that today’s 8 paragraphs come from Sir and Babygirl: Family Ties.

Babygirl and Sir are learning even more about each other as they meet the family, and Babygirl now knows her Sir’s most hated nickname. It’s not even that bad, but when a Dominant doesn’t like something, he really doesn’t like it.

Scintillating Sunday

“I hope I’m around forever, Sir.” Her eyes gleamed with merriment. “I could listen to her call you ‘Johnny’ for the rest of my life.”

Her cheekiness amused him greatly but not enough to let it slide. Turning her until her plump ass was pressed his lengthening cock, he pulled her close and pressed his lips against the outer shell of her ear.

“What was that, girl?” She shivered. He didn’t care if it was desire or fear. He hoped for both. “What did you just say?”

Her body tensed and then softened. “It was nothing, Sir. I promise.”

“Oh no, little girl. That wasn’t nothing. It was a direct defiance of an earlier order. Did you call me ‘Johnny’?”

While he waited for her answer, his hands began to roam and explore her body. A pinched nipple here, a nip to her earlobe there, hands gliding over her hips and ass. Her body quivered under his touch.

“Answer me, girl.”

“Sir, I, um…ahhhhh.” His swiped one digit over her slit, already hot and damp with need. “I think you misunderstood me, Sir. I didn’t call you by that, um, name. I simply said…fuuuuuuuuck.”

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