A Good Dirty Woman is Gone – and She Will Be Missed

My heart is heavy right now. There’s a physical ache in the center of my chest.

A good woman (with a dirty mind), one of the most sex-positive people I know, and friend, Bobbie Morgan died recently. I heard it first from Anna’s blog. John Brownstone jumped online to confirm (damn you, Facebook gods for kicking me off). I had to see the announcement and confirmation that this wasn’t a cruel joke for myself.

Of course, Bobbie Morgan wasn’t her real name. And like many of us in this community, our friendship was based on a love of the written sexy word and a willingness to chat through email, social media, and our own blogs. I never did get the chance to meet her in person, but I wanted to. I have a feeling there would have been a lot of laughter between us in person.

She wasn’t just positive about sex. She was a champion for sex bloggers everywhere. This is a woman who sent me writing work when she had a hundred and one other people she could think of. This is a woman who encouraged me when I wondered if I was on the right track. This is a woman who reminded me that the work I do has value and meaning in the world. And in return, I tried to be at least half as good to her as she was to me.

If you never read Bobbie Morgan’s brand of sex-positivity, go to her site and read what you can while you can. (Who knows if anyone will know enough to shut down her site or if it will languish for years…) She’ll teach you something and probably turn you on, all at the same time.

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

I’ll miss you and your brand of sex education, Bobbie.

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