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She’ll Do Anything for Release

She'll Do Anything for Release

He pulled her close, crushing her to his chest. He growled again, breathing heavily into her hair. His hands moved across her body as if he was desperate to touch every inch of her skin. Babygirl pulled away just enough to bury her face in his neck. His skin was rough against hers. Her tongue darted out to taste him. She licked along his jaw and down to his Adam’s apple, increasing the pressure with each swipe of her tongue. Sir moaned softly. She smiled.

Nipping at his neck with small, teasing bites, Babygirl felt moisture pool between her thighs. Each groan and growl from him increased her desire. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anyone. She wanted him inside of her, pounding between her thighs. She wanted his mouth and teeth on her breasts, her stomach, in between her legs. Grasping him even tighter against her, frantic growls of her own began to fill the room.

Sir’s hand moved through her hair. He yanked hard, holding her motionless beneath him. One hand skimmed across the top of her thigh, under her skirt. He gripped her ass hard. She whimpered into his neck. The noise spurred him on. Reaching behind her, he stroked her silky lips.

“Soaked like a good little slut, I see.” Babygirl responded with gasps of pleasure. “Remember who does this to you, girl.”

Bending her forward, Sir pulled her dress up over her hips. She moaned, for once grateful she’d forgone panties for the evening. His touch was aggressive, almost fierce, along her sensitive parts. She could hear the squelching as he pushed his fingers in and out of her body. Her body was being invaded, and she loved it. The vulnerability of being bent over and exposed to him sent her over the edge. The moment his hand skimmed across her clit, she screamed in pleasure and began to beg.

“Please, oh God, please, please, please, Sir!” He kept up the feathery touches across the sensitive bud of flesh, torturing her.

“Please what, Babygirl?” She detected satisfaction in his voice and reveled in it.

“Oh God, please, please, please, mmmmmm, please, Sir, may I come?” She would do anything for release, and he knew it.

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Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love

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