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That is my one and only primal scream for the week. I won’t allow myself more because I won’t stop. I was selected for jury duty this week (and next) and you might think that’s what makes me want to scream.

Actually, no.

It’s what the jury duty caused that’s got me stressed to the max. Because I honestly didn’t think I’d even have to go to the courthouse, I didn’t prepare myself to be unavailable for a solid week. In order to get paid and meet deadlines, I’ve had to work at night until late which is more exhausting than I remember from the years I used to work two jobs. So basically, I’m tired and cranky and whining. I was also worried I wouldn’t have the capacity to talk about a complex topic for the podcast this week. Instead, we answered a listener question.

And I proved that no matter how tired I am, I can still talk about something for an hour. But I think the question is a good one, and that plenty of listeners can relate to the topic – taking a relationship from vanilla to kink in a responsible way that works for both partners.

There’s no real show notes this week, but check out the episode. Hopefully, our rambles helped someone.

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  • I know this doesn’t help you now. But my husband got called for jury duty and he was self-employed. He said he couldn’t afford the time away from work because the client he was working for would take his business else where and that was his pay for the month. Being on jury duty would have been a financial hardship for us. So if you have the luck? of it happening again that is a valid reason to be excused from it. Sir has been called to jury duty 4-5 times in the 20 years I’ve know him. I hope its over and you can go back to your normal schedule.

    • Oh I know I could but I sort of wanted to do it. And I knew I had complete control over my schedule so I decided I would sacrifice my sanity (lol, kidding, sort of). But it’s not over either. I go back on Monday for a few more days. I’m tired but I’m also really interested in seeing it through to the end. 🙂

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