Masturbation Monday

I Torture Myself For You #MasturbationMonday

A companion piece to last week’s Masturbation Monday post. You saw it from his perspective. Now it’s time for hers.

Part 1: Torture Yourself For Me

The sheets are cool against my skin. I’m already hot and we’ve barely just begun.

What does he want tonight? Will I be able to give him everything?

When he calls me beautiful, I blush. I’m never sure what he sees, but I believe him. Oh, I believe him with all my heart.

He does something to me. He brings out this woman I hardly recognize. I want him to want me.

And he does. His eyes are bright. The way he licks his lips makes me wish his tongue was touching me.

Cool air wafts across the most secret parts of my body. I feel strange spreading my body open for him.

He can see every inch of my body. He sees the most secret parts of me, and it makes me hotter…wetter.

Ohhhhhh, this feels so good. I’m soaked. I smell my own scent.

Ahhhhh! I want more. I can’t help the bucking of my hips. I can’t stop the pants and gasps.

I think I’m…oh God….damn. He always knows just when to bring me back down. But I wanted to come! Stamping my foot right now wouldn’t be good, would it?

He licks his lips again when I show him the juices running down my hand. I wish he’d lick me.

Everything burns. My body, ready for release. My cheeks, knowing I’m soaking the sheets.

Penetration, finally. One finger is never enough, but it feels amazing.

Yes, yes, I’m your dirty slut. I’m whatever you want me to be right now. Just…please….

Ahhhhh, my clit is swollen and tender. But you knew that didn’t you.

Another finger. Oh yes, now I feel something. Right. There.

My eyes snap open and meet his. I could never have ignored his command to watch him watching me. I don’t want to. Yes, see what I do for you. Witness what I will do because you will it so.



This. Is. More. Than. I. Can…ahhhhhhh, I should be ashamed of my begging and whimpering, but I’m not. I need release. Please?

I’ve become a wild thing. I no longer care what he sees or what I look like. He tortures me, and I love it.

Please, Sir? Please can I come? Haven’t I had enough??

Harder? Oh God, I’ll never survive this. My clit, my cunt, my body – they burn.

He’s reduced me to tears. My face is as wet as my pussy. Still, he won’t give in.

I feel empty without my fingers buried inside my body. Bereft.

But I’m his little slut. For him, I’d hump anything, even my own hand.

Yes, of course it feels good. I’m a wanton. We both know it.

Please taste me. Lap at my cream like a satisfied cat.

Stop torturing me. I’ll be your good girl. I’ll do anything you want.

But I already am, aren’t I? I’m the little slut who’s grinding against her own hand, sobbing with need – all for you.

What? I can?

Body taking over. Muscle spasms. Splashing orgasms. I’m reduced to pure sensation. Nothing else exists.

A thousand little shivers. Toes curling. Eyes closed. Screaming. Who’s screaming? Me. That’s me. Screaming for him.

I can’t…breathe…I’m dying, I’m sure of it.

Wait? More? No, I can’t take more.

But of course, I’ll let you in. Yes, lick me. Eat me. Taste me. Torture me with your tongue.

I couldn’t stop you even if I wanted to.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I couldn’t let last week’s story go without writing her side. Now, go forth and read more smutty goodness from around the web. But make sure you’re where you can take advantage of the squirmy feelings you’re about to have. Rawr.

Masturbation Monday

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