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She Had All the Power #MasturbationMonday

“I’m nervous. I’ve never done this before.” Her eyes filled with tears. Damn it, I didn’t want her to cry over it.

“No, please don’t cry. We don’t have to. It was a silly idea. I’ve been reading too much erotica. Let’s forget it.” I was willing to say anything to make the tears go away. Tears make me crazy. They annoy me.

She sniffled. That kind of pissed me off. Get a tissue, damn it.

At least she was cute. Long hair pulled back away from her face. Pouty lips. Small, perky tits. I even liked her flat stomach and narrow hips, so completely different from my own.

“No, I want to.” I did like how she stuck her lower lip out. Is there such a thing as a defiant pout? There is now. “I’m nervous, but I’m curious, too.”

A weight I hadn’t felt lifted from my chest. I wasn’t a perv who’d sexually harrassed her friend. Or if I was, she was a perv with me. Pervs unite? I shook my head to clear the thought.

“No? Now you don’t want to?” When the hell did her voice get so fucking shrill? Fuck, no wonder dudes complain about women. Gah!

“Oh no! I was clearing my head. I want this. More than you know. I just want to be sure you want it, too.”

One eyebrow shot up. She tilted her head to one side. Was she sizing me up now? Go for it, baby. I’m fucking fearless and freaky as hell.

She didn’t say another word. Instead, she pulled her dress over her head in one move. Fucking, hell, she was gorgeous. No bra, no panties. Nothing between her smooth skin and her little cotton dress. My mouth began to water. Oh yeah, I wanted to do this. She cocked her head towards me and winked. Oh! My turn.

I’m not exactly beautiful like she is so getting naked made me nervous. And of course, I’m awkward as fuck, which is how my head wound up caught in the neck of my dress. I’d tried that whole one-move-removal thing she’d done. I don’t know what was worse. Dancing around stuck in my clothes or that she saw my everything without the benefit of an arched back and my gut being sucked in. I was just as naked as she was but I looked like a hot mess, fighting with my clothing.

“Here, let me help you.” She giggled, and it was sexy. Her hands undid the buttons at my collar, and I was turned on more. “You’re so fucking cute, Gabby. I could just eat you up.”

“So why don’t you?” Oh yeah, I’m brazen as fuck when I want to be. Especially when I’m not being strangled by a blue and white dress.

“All in good time, silly. You haven’t even touched me yet.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I didn’t know where to start. One hand stroked her collarbone while the other touched her hip, barely grazing her skin. She’s so soft. It’s gotta be a sin or something to feel like that.

She reached out to touch me, too. The little bitch pinched my nipples with one hand even as she touched my lips with the other. I couldn’t help myself. I tasted her thumb, sucked it. Like a cock? Maybe a clit? Hell, I don’t know anymore. I like boys, men. But I liked this girl, too, and I wanted to do all kinds of nasty and freaky things with her.

Standing there, in the middle of her apartment, I didn’t want to stop staring into her eyes and stroking her skin either. Eventually I would roam across her entire body. My hands would own her. My fingers would dance across every secret place. But in that moment, I wanted to taste her skin and breathe her in.

When she slipped her hand between my thighs and pinched my clit, only one thought came to mind. Is she sure this is her first time? I think I’ve been played.

It only lasted a second. Once she began to make my body hum and quiver, I didn’t give a shit who manipulated who. I never wanted this to stop. Did she need a slave? Because I was signing up. Did she need a little bitch to run her errands and cook her meals? Count me in. Anything as long as she never stopped doing this thing with her fingers and her thumb.

She rolled my clit, pinched my lips, and smacked my pussy. I came at the slightest touch after that. And I kept coming. Her thumb in my mouth, my hand on her hip. I forgot to move my hands, to touch her in all the places I’d imagined. But she didn’t seem to care, and she didn’t look scared anymore.

She had all the power, and I didn’t mind.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! For once, I used the prompt. This is pure fiction – don’t anyone get their hopes up out there. But if I was fortunate enough to come across the exact right person, I have a feeling it would play out very similarly.

Okay, big news. Masturbation Monday is in it’s 52nd week – one year! Woohoo! So help me out and when you read something you like on the main page (you are going there next, right?), like, comment, and/or share what you read. Help me make this the best week ever for MM!! XOXO!

Masturbation Monday

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