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Honor Bound

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“Stand up straight, girl.” Dahlia straightened her spine.

“Spread those legs. Wider.” Marcus nodded his head at her wide stance. Not unbearable, but she was open, exposed. The cool air kissed her moist skin. She shivered in response.

“Clasp your hands behind your back.” She was acutely aware of her breasts jutting forward, as her nipples puckered, almost begging for attention. “Good girl. Don’t move from that position until I give you permission.”

Dahlia had known he had something in mind when she’d come home to find him wearing a suit. They had no plans for the evening, that she knew of, and typically, his jacket and tie were the first things to go when he arrived home from work.

There she stood, in the center of their living room, completely nude except for the leather collar around her neck. The remaining sunlight of the day streamed in from the windows. Even though they were on the tenth floor, she felt exposed. As if anyone could peek in and witness their debauchery.

Many moments like this had taught her to keep her eyes trained ahead, almost unseeing. The effect was similar to wearing a blindfold.

Her Sir didn’t just crave control. He wanted to see how well she obeyed. Would she follow him with her eyes in an effort to figure out his next move? Would her hands slip apart? Would she bend her knees, close her legs, or do any number of things that would give an indication she wasn’t willing to obey a simple command like ‘Hold your position?’

Her eyes remained trained on the window in front of her. Moisture pooled deep inside even as a layer of sweat covered her skin. Not knowing what was coming, she willed her body to relax and accept whatever happened. They both knew she could stop everything with a word.

Hsssss! She was unprepared for the sharp pinch to her nipple.

Ung. A fingernail raked her swelling labia.

As Marcus walked around her body, prowled was a better word for it, touches and sensations landed randomly. She wanted to fall to the floor or cling to his arm. It took every ounce of self control she possessed to maintain her position. When his fingers plunged deep inside her body and his thumb circled her sensitive clit, she wanted nothing more than to throw her head back in ecstasy, but that’s not what this moment was for.

Outward signs of pleasure weren’t part of this scene. Control was – his and hers.

She did her best to hold back the squeaks and whimpers. Until his teeth grazed her nipple. Hsssss! The little noises she made were the only slips in her self-control.

Dahlia knew that everything he did after was to chip away at her resolve, turn her into a melted pool of pleasure, and make her respond like a wanton.


The flat of his hand smacked against her slit. Her breath caught in her throat.


Now the contact was over to her engorged clit. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw. The small jolt of pain was nothing compared to the pleasure that washed over her.

Three fingers thrust into her pussy. She grunted, feeling full and stretched. She locked her knees and tightened her grip on her forearms.

He found the sensitive spot deep within her and began a tap-tap-tap motion. Electricity sparked through her body. Fluid leaked out of her body in a thin line down her thigh. A bead of sweat ran down her temple.

“Not yet, pet.” His whispered voice in her ear startled her. “Don’t cum yet.”

She whimpered in response. Her toes curled into the thick carpet beneath her feet. She clung to the sensation to ground her as his hands continued to do sinful things to her body. Teeth on collarbone. Tongue on areolas. Fingers deep inside.

His thumb swiped across her clit, and she was forced to swallow down a scream of pleasure. Another swipe. Her head tilted back slightly. Movement, and he’d won. His satisfied chuckle told her he’d seen it.

“Oh, you like that, pet?” He applied more pressure to her clit with each swipe. “And that?”

His fingers began to move like pistons within her as he pressed against her swollen flesh with his thumb. “Cum for me, girl.”

With permission granted, Dahlia threw her head back with her eyes still screwed shut as she screamed in pleasure. She willed her body to give way to the sensations pinging just under her skin. Pleasure, like bolts of lightning, ran through her. She could almost imagine the energy shooting out from every part of her.

Her orgasm gripped her tight, causing her entire body to clench and spasm. Fluid gushed from between her thighs. Marcus growled with pleasure. With that release, Dahlia allowed her knees to buckle and she fell to the floor. Marcus was immediately by her side.

“Good girl,” he murmured in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her quivering body. “You are my good, beautiful, wonderful girl.”

Dahlia knew that once the trembling subsided and she could find her bones again, she’d feel pride. Right now, she was spent and still clutching her arms behind her back.

H is for honor bondage. A type of bondage where the only physical restraint used is a submissive’s willingness to obey and hold position – that’s probably the most common use. Honor is a big part of submission, in my opinion. It is only our willingness to comply and obey that makes us submissive to anyone. We could lie and say we did something or disobey direct or implied commands. But we don’t. We’re bound by desire, love (for some of us), and our own sense of honor. Okay, y’all, it’s both Masturbation Monday and day 8 of Spanking A to Z. Click either of the images below to go read more from other bloggers!

Honor Bound                         Honor Bound

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