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He Chooses #MasturbationMonday

“Wow. That’s a first.” I stopped undressing and stood up to look at him.


“You just walked by my bare ass and nothing. Zero reaction.” I giggled, knowing the reason. “You must be tired.”

“Yeah, wow. I must be.” I could see the realization dawn on him. “Let’s fix that, shall we?”

Walking up behind me, he cupped my mound with one hand, as he swatted my bare ass with the other. All thoughts of changing clothes were forgotten. I began to grind against his hand. One finger slipped in, then another. Oh yes, that was perfect.

A few more swats, and he stroked my clit. I immediately began to beg.

“Please, Daddy. Oh God, please can I cum?”

“No, babygirl. You may not.” He smirked, and I squealed. A few more smacks to my ass and a swipe across my clit, and he released me.

I stood up, breathing hard and trembling. It took a moment to get my bearing enough to finish changing.

“Daddy! Now I’m all squirmy!” I admit the babygirl whine was strong in me. My pussy throbbed and my ass stung. I wanted more.

“Tell you what, babygirl. I’ll let you cum, if I can spank you with the toy of my choosing.”

I giggled. “You always get to choose, Daddy!”

But I knew what he meant. He’d let me have my orgasm, but it wouldn’t come easy. He was going to choose something I didn’t love, and it was going to hurt like hell. This was my warning – and my opportunity to back out. With a nod of my head, he turned on his heel and headed for the closet. I closed the bedroom door and locked it. The boys were outside playing with friends, and there was no telling how much time we had. It felt a little daring – especially with our bedroom window wide open.

When I turned back around, I saw it. The cane. The fucking cane. I knew it.

“I knew it! I knew that was going to be it!”

“You did?” The innocence in his voice didn’t match the gleam in his eye. “Well, you said I could choose.”

I might have whined and whimpered in response. I eyed the small cane with trepidation. Did I really want this orgasm so much? Yes, of course I did. I steeled myself, wondering how much I’d be able to take.

“Assume the position, girl.” His voice interrupted my thoughts. “I’ll even let you keep those little shorts on.”

Those ‘little shorts’ are super soft and comfortable, and barely cover my ass. He wasn’t really doing me any favors, and we both knew it.

I bent over the bed and waited. He started out with light taps. Nothing too painful. I sighed in bliss. A bit of sting and impact followed by his warm hands. Heaven.

He pulled my shorts up so they were snug in the crack of my ass and both cheeks were exposed. Tap, tap, tap. The cane was bearable as long as he moved it around. TAP, TAP, TAP! More pain, but the kind I like. His hand snaked around and found my cunt, hot and wet.

Mercilessly, he tapped my ass with the cane, causing me to squeal and bounce on my tiptoes. His fingers stroked my slit and I moaned. He alternated between pain and pleasure for a few moments. The moment I relaxed into his hand on my pussy, he thwapped me hard with the cane. As his strokes on my ass became more punishing, so did the stroking of my clit.

I began to cry and beg for release. He ignored me for a moment as he bruised my ass with the evil cane. Until…

“Cum for me, babygirl. Give Daddy your orgasm.”

I relaxed my body and let go. My back arched. My toes curled. My hips bucked as my pussy spasmed. Warmth seeped through every inch of me. I exhaled, not realizing I’d been holding my breath.

“Mmmm, good girl.” I quivered with pleasure at his words.

His large hands rubbed and kneaded my sore ass. “Two more, babygirl. Just two more and we’re done.”

I tensed, assuming the last moments would come from the cane..


I squeaked and jumped. It was his hand. Mmmm, I love his hand.


The second was harder and caused me to cry out and collapse onto the bed.

“Shhhh, babygirl. It’s over now.”

I mumbled something incoherent, reveling in the aftermath, attempting to catch my breath. We were only temporarily sated.

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