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What Do You Mean There’s Hair Down There? #WickedWednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s topic focuses on body hair and our opinions of it. Well, okay…here goes…

I have a strange relationship with body hair.

The first time I ever felt truly clean was after my first Brazilian wax – at age 32. I had it done on a whim. Well, as much of a whim as an over-thinker can have, I guess. There was no man in my life at the time, but I’d fallen in love with the idea being completely hair-free, and found made room in my tight budget as a newly single mom. Even with the ups and downs of my income over the years, even as a poor, starving writer (lol, yeah right), the Brazilian is an automatic part of the budget.

Every four to five weeks, I bare it all and let a very sweet woman apply hot wax to the most sensitive part of my body and rip the hair away with strips of paper. Then I flip over and she removes it from my asshole, too. God, I love it!

It was part of my sexual awakening…the early days when the idea of having sex was a bit of a fantasy, but the option was there. I’d slowly started reading sex blogs and finding erotic images on Tumblr. Most of the women I saw were smooth and soft and I wanted the same for myself.

Of course, the reality is that there are also ingrown hairs, red spots from hot wax, and imperfections, too. I found that out later, but I loved the feel of my newly smooth skin beneath my fingers. It worked out well that the men that I dated and fucked at the time appreciated it too.

John Brownstone says it’s a requirement that I stay smooth. And I agree. But I refuse to shave. I don’t like how my legs feel after two days without shaving, I can’t imagine how my pussy might feel. And the itch that creeps up three weeks post wax is bad enough, I can’t imagine three or four days post-shave. No thank you.

So I’m a waxing girl. I wax my eyebrows and, sadly, the upper lip. My people are a swarthy people.

Dark hair and pale skin – you can see a stray hair growing on my body from a mile away. I have dark hair on my arms – and if I didn’t shave, under them, too.

If I could, I’d get laser hair removal under my arms and on my pussy. Just to go ahead and eliminate hair where I don’t want it to be. I’m nervous about letting lasers near my face, but I’d probably consider that, too.

You might think my distaste for my own body hair would translate into a disdain for others. And a few years ago, I might have agreed.

My ex had a little bit of body hair, just a touch on his chest – and of course, pubic hair. And somehow, for a man who didn’t have that much hair, it seemed to be everywhere. On our sheets, in the shower. I hated it.

Fast forward to Daddy who seems to be part grizzly bear. He’s got hair on his chest, hair on his legs, hair everywhere. And I love it. I like the crinkly feel of it under my fingers. I love that it seems to insulate his warmth making him my own personal heater. I love that he has grown his goatee into a full-fledged mustache and beard (neatly trimmed and very sexy).

I also love that he prefers to keep his junk as neat and clean as my own. Men’s Brazilians are way too expensive, so he sticks with a razor. I love rubbing my face over his entire groin when he’s freshly shaved. (What am I saying? I’m a wanton little slut with him, I like pressing my face into his crotch any ole time!)

I’m sure there are some who would say that my joy in being hairless is a sign of society’s pressures on women and the unfair beauty standards imposed on us by the media and blah blah blah. If I didn’t know my own mind and my own preferences, maybe so. I prefer to be smooth and freshly shaven or waxed. I prefer the feel of my soft skin instead of skin covered in hair.

I also respect other people’s grooming preferences. Shave or don’t, it matters not to me.

Wicked Wednesday

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I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • Have to say I suffered with too much angst and acne waiting and searching for those first pubes to appear to give them up now

  • I started shaving when I found sex blogs and became and avid reader. But I hated the way I would itch when it started growing back. I now use an electric trimmer, and like that a lot. Sadly my old little one died and the new one is more…more powerful? Bigger to be sure, but it was the only one I could find. So I’ve used it once and got a wee rash…in my pits! Ugh! I will stick with a razor in the shower there, TYVM. I don’t have much hair on my legs…one the best parts of post-menopause!!! But I love the “clean” feeling of smooth pubes too much to ever stop that little routine. 😀

    (M does not shave. I don’t mind a bit!)

    • I know me. If I used an electric anything down there (other than toys), I’d probably hurt myself, lol.

      Now I’m crossing my fingers that post-menopause brings with it less hair. 🙂

  • I’ve come from smooth to hairy, after I have always said I would never have pubic hair ever again. And I think waxing will be the next I try…

    But I too don’t mind the preferences of others. Every person should do what they feel comfortable with 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • Maybe if I was one of those flat-stomached, flawless girls, I would go for the landing strip, but I have rolls and bumps – I’d rather just be bare. 🙂

      To each his (or her, lol) own. But I agree…yay for pubeless people!

  • Don’t be in a big hurry for post-menopause. What they don’t tell you is, sure, you lose your period and your bush thins out, BUT….

    …..you also lose some (not all) vaginal lubrication, so a good artificial lube is essential, not optional. And the hair that leaves your legs and pussy starts showing up in other places, like your chin, eyebrows, ass, and belly. And then the genetic code in your eyebrow hair goes wonky and, periodically, out of the blue, you wake up with one eyebrow hair that’s developed a will of its own and grown half an inch overnight!


    But it is awfully nice to not have periods. 🙂

    • My people are a swarthy people – that happens to me already! I don’t want to think about it getting worse! I tweeze almost every day and it’s almost NEVER my eyebrows. Just sayin’…

      Speaking of lube, we’ve started playing with it just because so maybe by the time it becomes a necessity, it won’t be such a jarring switch, lol.

  • I don’t mind either way. I find hairless easier to manage, but will let it all grow out during the winter. The high bikini is a nice alternative though I like the back nude

  • I shave everyday. I have never had a problem with it. I always shave with the grain which stops ingrowing hairs and also discovered a great tip which is to use hair conditioner as a type of shaving foam that makes the little hair softer.


    • I’ve heard of using conditioner for shaving before. Glad to hear from someone I know that it actually works.

      I’m lazy about my legs, and would probably be lazy about everywhere else. Then the ITCH would happen. /shivers And it would be my own fault.

  • I hate shaving in the winter. By the time I make it to the living room half my leg hair has grown back because it’s so cold. Still, I like hairless.

    • Thank God I’m not the only one! I stepped out of the shower the other day and because I left the bathroom door open a draft came in and my legs were prickly again while I was still drying off!

  • I actually wrote out a comment for this, but accidentally posted it on the other blog page about having hair or not. But all that applies in both blogs anyway. I am always amazed how everything you write so totally agrees with my own thinking, it’s so uncanny. I love that I could have written it all myself, lol. But you express it so much better too. I hate that instant stubble even after you’ve spent ages shaving, then get downstairs and wonder if you shaved anything at all! I hate that so much! Now that I’ve discovered the Nads cold gel and can use it easily, I am so happy. I can actually pluck any strays with my tweezers, and that doesn’t hurt at all either! Haven’t tried the hot wax version yet though! Used in the very distant past, on underarms and legs only though. Thank you so much for including this subject in the radio blog, it was good to revisit it again.

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